Sleepy Hollow: Tempus Fugit

Time flies, indeed. We may well be done after 31 episodes of Sleepy Hollow, but I really, truly hope we are not.

Tonight’s second season finale, very thankfully, did not leave us rending our garments with a cliffhanger, but it did close the door on 2015 Katrina and set the stage for what the Witnesses do next.

We begin with Crane being solicited off the field of battle because Abbie has summoned him, supposedly with news about the Hessians. Once he arrives at the jail, she begins unspooling an impressive number of facts from their time together — things she shouldn’t know. Crane doesn’t know why, but after she averts his death against the Horseman, he’s inclined to trust her and he delays handing her off to a slave encampment.

They end up at the home of Ben Franklin, who’s giddy at her news about libraries, the post office, and his other ideas living on, and most especially, his place on the $100 bill. He of course is even more chuffed to hear that Jefferson is on the $2 bill. When he senses that she’s reticent to disclose the whole of her story in front of Crane, he sends Crane upstairs. Once Crane is out of the room, she tells Franklin the truth about Katrina, and he says Grace Dixon can reverse the spell. Then Abraham storms in and beheads him.


Crane responds by returning Abbie to jail, and she admits the truth about Katrina being a witch, and pregnant. She tells him to check her phone — that the password is his birthday and that the selfies on it will validate her story. He goes home to Katrina and sees evidence of spells, and senses that she’s off. Washington fetches him just in time before Katrina can find out where Abbie is. Back at the jail, Crane’s superior is about to hand Abbie a beating in retaliation for Franklin when she hands him his ass instead.

Out front, Crane unlocks Abbie’s phone and sees video of them together, and their ease with each other — a mirror of a self he hasn’t become yet. He arrives at her cell just as she frees herself and they head to Fredericks Manor, where Grace responds similarly to Franklin — thrilled at Abbie’s arrival and 110% on board — and yes, she knows Abbie is a Witness. She says she can do the spell, but it will drop the defenses on the house to call on all the protection energy.

They proceed, and Abraham and Katrina (who does a blood spell on the guy who fought with Abbie to find out where she was heading next) arrive. Katrina drops the protection spell pretty easily while Grace conjures the reversal. Crane decides to defend them and Abbie tries to talk him out of it, but he rightly tells her if they reset, it won’t matter, and if they don’t reset, there are far worse things ahead. Before he can leave her side, she hugs him, which throws him off a bit. He asks her if that’s normal in their future, and she says yes, they hug it out. When he calls her Miss Mills, she corrects him that he calls her Lieutenant. He accepts that and tells her he looks forward to meeting her again.

Once outside, Crane and Abraham tussle, and just as Crane is about to lose his head, the spell works and Abbie, and then Katrina, are sucked into a vortex and dropped back into 2015. Katrina rages, and launches Abbie at a wall. Crane gets to Katrina and disarms her of the Grimoire and Abbie drops to the floor. Then he turns Katrina’s knife on her. He holds her and sets her down gently. She sees a vision of Henry and reaches out to him and is gone. Crane weeps and Abbie steps forward and tells him he had no choice, and he corrects her that he did, that they did. Then Katrina turns to ash the same way Henry did.

Jenny and Frank arrive and after Jenny vouches that he’s himself, Abbie hugs him, and repeats what Grace told her, that she will fill the final pages of the journal, that there is more work yet to be done. Jenny and Frank head out and Abbie turns back to Crane, asking him if he’s ready and calling him “Captain,” and he says he is, calling her “Lieutenant,” as the sunrise glints on the window behind him. Another new beginning.

I’m down with losing Katrina and Henry because they were so divisive for the fans who bailed. Whether those fans will take it as a white flag and return remains to be seen. Viewers move on. I never got tired of the show. I didn’t love all of the pieces all of the time, but I loved its heart. I loved Abbie and Crane as its center. I welcomed Hawley into the mix, and I hope if there is a third season, there is a place for him alongside Jenny and Frank.

I like the idea that there may be a few time wrinkles — even though we saw everything rewind, I can’t see TPTB forfeiting an opportunity here and there for a wink and nudge on fudges to the timeline.

I loved that Abbie appealed to what she knew about Crane’s behaviors and beliefs — that she knows him so innately that she could trust her gut on how to get him to listen to her, and trust her. They are timeless. She tells him they are partners, and more than that, they are friends.

31 episodes isn’t nearly enough time with these characters. I do so hope we’re back here again in the fall discussing Sleepy Hollow. If we’re not, I’m very grateful we got the 31 at all, and that we didn’t leave anybody in Purgatory, or the past.

Thank you for reading!

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