Sleepy Hollow: Awakening

We’re down to the wire with the Sleepy Hollow season finale airing tonight, and no word yet on a third season. Fingers crossed we’ll get there.

In “Awakening,” Katrina drank ALL the Kool-Aid and threw in with Henry in a major way — assaulting and capturing Abbie and Crane until Henry finally perished (get it?) in the crossfire and seemed to actually die.

The whole thing kicks off when a replica of the Liberty Bell peals in the middle of town and temporarily activates a new coven. Henry baits Katrina that she has the power to make the bell awaken the rest of the dormant coven to the tune of thousands of would-be witches, of which she would be the head, and she just can’t say no to such an offer.

Abbie and Crane rush to destroy the bell but don’t get it done, and then Katrina and Henry get custody of it. Katrina starts the spell and Crane and Abbie free themselves from their restraints and get off a few shots that wind up killing Henry.

Before they can completely shut Katrina down, she does the traveler spell that Kent was trying to do, and Abbie leaps for her at that exact moment so they both end up in 1781. Katrina jumps back to her 1781 self, still pregnant with Henry but with her 2015 memories intact (calling bullsh-t on various time travel theories) and Abbie gets locked up for being a runaway / paperless slave or some such, but rather than outright panic, she asks for Crane.

Why she didn’t ask for Jefferson instead / as well, when he was already knee-deep in prepping the Witness library is beyond me.

Jenny fights her own battle, readying to deploy the Medusa head on Frank, who’s unhinged and armed and looking for his family. She locks herself in the vault (where Abraham isn’t anymore — did we miss that?) and she keeps waiting, and waiting, and then, when Henry dies, Frank is released, vampire-styles, and Jenny embraces her friend.

Going into tonight we’ll have the obligatory meet cute between Abbie and then-Crane, and she’s going to have to rip the Band-Aid off that his wife is a witch, and a dark one at that, and he’s a Witness who’s about to take a 250-year nap. No pressure.

I feel like there’s WAY more to resolve than we can do in 44 minutes. We are definitely getting a cliffhanger. Which makes a possibility of an eternal unresolved cliffhanger a real possibility.

I hope that’s not the case. Kick it to FX or FXX if there’s no joy left for it on FOX. The special effects budget would take a hit, but we’d still have our show. Just a thought.

Here is a sneak peek of “Tempus Fugit,” which airs this evening on FOX and Global.


Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX

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