Mary Kills People Postmortem: “The Means” and “The Connection” with Caroline Dhavernas

Mary Kills People postmortems are back at The Televixen, and joining me for the first two episodes of Season 2 is Mary herself, Caroline Dhavernas.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for “The Means” and “The Connection.” Do not read until you’ve seen these episodes.]

Mary Kills People Caroline Dhavernas Rachelle Lefevre
I am still reeling from the big twist with Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) being Grady’s sister. I love that Grady is continuing to haunt Mary, but I also find her more threatening than he was. Olivia seems to be more relentless and not as easy to manipulate as Grady was.

Maybe because Grady had a thing for Mary. But yeah, she is a little crazier. More determined. He had a more philosophical way of living his criminal life. She seems to be a little more hardcore. She’s all business.

We also find Mary and Des at odds this season. There is a clear line that he’s not willing to cross, and the line has become much fuzzier for Mary.

He did turn on her in Season 1. In Season 2, he’s been doing some thinking in jail [before his release], and interestingly becomes the moral compass of their relationship while she goes darker. She went through so much in Season 1 and ended up getting away with a lot, so she’s more confident and ready to go even further. She has a very edgy and dark side that’s coming out even more in Season 2. Des is seeing this happen [after his release from jail]. He doesn’t want to go back, but he’s also afraid for his friend.

There’s an extra layer of drama for Mary with her ex-husband living with her temporarily. Does that complicate things for Mary even further?

It could make everything collapse. She wants to try to juggle everything and make it all work as much as she can. They have a strong attraction. It’s that impossible relationship that we love to see on television. They’re meant to be together, but they can’t be together because the nature of who they are and what they do. And so yes, things will become complicated between these two again.

Mary Kills People Richard Short Caroline Dhavernas

Let’s talk about the couple that Mary is helping in the premiere, which also happens to be Des’ first one after being away in prison. This felt like a huge turning point for Mary. Up until this point, the clients have been someone terminal and it was a matter of them dying on their own terms. This woman doesn’t want to live without her husband, and Mary is able to justify helping her while Des takes issue with it.

When I read that, that’s when I realized who she was becoming because that was the biggest turning point for me. The fact that she was open to killing this person, that’s where I had to work harder to understand her, and understand why she was going that far. Then I would go back to her story as a teenager to explain it in, and to make it work for me.

I have to admit that I’m a bit worried about Naomi.

You should be.

Not only because of what she discovers her pocket in the second episode, but she also has this fascination with death.

She’s a very smart girl, and she’s a little unstable. So she’s a dangerous mix.

Mary Kills People 202

I was excited to see Nicole return. Nicole thought she was ready to be Mary’s Number Two, but after visiting a client, she’s like, “Yeah, this isn’t for me.”

We really would have expected her to get into it and be a part of all of it.

Mary Kills People Jay Ryan Caroline Dhavernas

There’s another little complication at the end of the second episode — Ben is back!

The fatal attraction.

How does Mary get out of that situation?

At this point, they understand that they can’t tell each other everything. If they’re going to be in each other’s lives in any way, shape or form, they’re going to have to trust that they can’t reveal certain things.

He’s there in a work capacity as well, so if he says anything, it’ll blow his cover.

They could blow each other’s covers.

Stay tuned for more Mary Kills People Postmortems this season!

Update 8/6/22: All three seasons of Mary Kills People are now streaming on Global TV in Canada and Roku Channel in the US.

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