CSA 2015 Winning Moment: Orphan Black’s Graeme Manson

It’s Canadian Screen Week in Toronto and many of the small screen awards were given out at Wednesday night’s gala at the Sheraton Centre.

Winning for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series was Orphan Black‘s Graeme Manson, for the Season 2 episode “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”. I chatted with Graeme Manson immediately following his win for Orphan Black, and he teased a bit of what’s in store for the upcoming third season.

Congratulations on the award!

Look at it. It’s gorgeous.

So, filming is almost finished on the third season.

Almost finished. We’re about to start Episode 10.

With writing for a new set of clones this season, what kind of challenges, or what kind of creative fun has that brought into the mix in addition to writing for the existing clones?

Well, it’s still Sarah’s story. It’s still the girls’ story and the deeper they look into these boy clones, the closer they get to their own stories, so, it’s all one thing.

The online reaction to the “Scarface” image that was released at TCA was phenomenal. Twitter exploded. Were you expecting such a strong response to the image?

Oh, good. Well, John [Fawcett] directed a really great opening episode and, I mean, that’s where we start off. We start very much where we left Sarah at the end of Season 2. So, stepping into that room was something we were relishing in the off-season, then when we sat down to do it was – that was the scene that we were like, “Okay, this is – this could be that scene that actually – you know, that people watch like that.”

When we chatted probably about a year or more ago, and fans were impressed with having three clones in one scene, and then you guys upped it to four in the clone dance party at the end of Season 2. Any plans to have even more clones in one shot? Is that kind of a bar you set now, how many clones can we get in one shot?

It is kind of the bar, but the bar is actually set by what the production can actually allow. A five-clone or six-clone scene, that would take three days to shoot. That’s insane. So, we’re definitely going to up the ante. I’m not going to give it away. We are upping the ante and yeah, it’s even more complex than a four clone dance party.

This has been a particularly difficult winter in Toronto. What kind of challenges has that presented in filming this season?

It just sucks. But we plan for it. We are kind of used to it. So, we plan for it and we know that after late November, we better not plan to be outside very much. But we don’t want the show to feel small, so we do go outside, and then we go outside and we get hit with a blizzard the first time out. This year has been particularly hard. I really can’t moan too hard because it’s the crew that is out there when it’s really cold, and we’ve had some really cold days. And we’re actually setting them up for some cold days in our finale as well. Those poor bastards.

When does filming begin on the finale?

We start shooting the finale tomorrow (February 26).

Photo by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright @ 2015 TheTelevixen.com

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