Haven: Perditus

“Perditus” was another strong entry in this final season of Haven, currently airing on Syfy and Showcase, as it continues to blend Troubles of the week with mythology and strong character arcs.

We begin with Dwight and Audrey reeling in the aftermath of Charlotte’s death, with Nathan left trying to comfort them. “I’m here if you need me.” “You should go check on Dwight.” Aw. (Gloria is, hilariously, using an ice cream truck as a makeshift morgue.) Audrey wants to help Dwight hunt down Croatoan, so they try to make Dave have another vision. He’s resisting, and Audrey talks him into it, but this seemed a little odd because the visions haven’t necessarily seemed to happen on demand in the past. Meanwhile, Nathan is trying to find Charlotte’s notes and go bag, in hopes that he can discover enough information to make a barn. Audrey also gives Nathan the aether core and tells him to hide it even from her. I assume this will become important later.

But their efforts take a new direction when they learn that Lainey (the tarot reader from last week) has a sister named Ona who supposedly has a Trouble that lets her talk to the dead — but it actually lets her raise the dead. Audrey’s worried that they don’t know enough about how this Trouble works to use it – “It just seems too good to be true” — but Nathan and Dwight overrule her. Ona brings Charlotte back (though she touches her to do this, but she wouldn’t have had access to the other bodies she resurrected, right?) and everyone seems surprised that Charlotte doesn’t remember her death, but why would she consciously know she was dead? That seemed weird.

It turns out that Audrey was right, of course — after the resurrected people remember their last moments, they turn into zombies and eat their loved ones. Pleasant! Audrey and Nathan discover this while Dwight is off talking to Charlotte and trying to make her remember — which puts him in danger. But they have a nice conversation in the meantime, and I’m glad they had that moment. “You took a bullet for your town.” “You do what you can for the people you love.” Once Audrey and Nathan get to them and explain what’s going on, there’s a split in opinion: Dwight wants to delay Charlotte’s memories to give her as much “human” time as possible, while Nathan wants to make her remember in hopes of getting information that will save others — and they have to decide quickly because the zombies are coming after them. (This seemed odd at first, but it’s because they’re with Ona, and Ona chose to resurrect people she cared about, of course, so they’re actually after her.) Just in time, Charlotte remembers everything, and she and Audrey cure Ona’s Trouble. The zombies all die, and Charlotte takes her limited time left to tell Nathan how to build a barn – they need something called a controller crystal from the void — and to tell Audrey about her father, though we don’t hear specifically what she tells her daughter.

While all of this has been going on, though, Dave has decided to go after Croatoan himself. Vince walks in on him pack a stake — “Oh, is there a new vampire trouble?” — and insists on going with him. They use the aether detector — which leads them right to their own Haven Herald office, where they find Charlotte’s go bag. They’re confused, but just then Audrey, Nathan, and Dwight come in, and announce that Dave took the bag — after he killed Charlotte. Hmmm. Does this mean that he’s somehow Croatoan and/or Audrey’s father? And/or that his visions are some sort of possession and he’s unconsciously (or consciously!) carrying out Croatoan’s wishes? I’m intrigued.

Elsewhere, Duke is talking to the mysterious stranger who showed up last week. “You are who you were always meant to be. “Thanks, Deepak.” The stranger tells him that Roanoke was supposed to be a haven (sorry) for the Troubled — much like, um, Haven — and the concentration of Troubles attracted Croatoan’s attention. He turned a Powhatan man into the first Crocker and had him collect the Troubles by killing all of the colonists. After telling Duke this story, the stranger touches his forehead and sends him to some sort of alt-Haven in which practically everyone is dead, and Nathan went into the void and never came out. As Vince tells him this, they hear Croatoan coming for them, and Vince says they’ll do “The only thing we can do. Die.” Duke: “Oh, screw that.” I love him. He then seemingly returns to where he was with Seth, but Seth is gone; Duke is activated by blood on a tree and kills …¬†some sort of duplicate of himself. “You are the fulcrum, Duke. You’ll either save your friends or kill them all.” And then — Seth wakes him up and it seems like it was all a dream. But it certainly had an effect on Duke, as he soon steals a car to head back to Haven alone — separating from Seth to keep him from remembering and let him have a normal life. And I am so glad Duke is on his way back to Haven. Will he be able to get back in?

(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

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