Blindspot: Persecute Envoys

In last week’s “Persecute Envoys,” Blindspot turned the recent spate of police brutality cases coupled with the adoption of body cameras ever-so-slightly on its ear with a narrative about cops using those cameras to blackmail people with footage they captured. This comes to light after a series of police assassinations that are revealed to be an in-house housecleaning by the dirty cops themselves, who are killing their own to keep them quiet.

While that’s shaking out, we find out Zapata lost her own partner years earlier, which gives Jane an opening to be sympathetic to her.

Patterson is still dealing with the David fallout (and I still think he’ll be revealed as a bad guy), so she gets ripped while out with the girls. Jane finally gets a night out! Patterson and Zapata throw the idea out there that Jane needs a makeover, which I frown upon. I like her  ex-military/possible hacker look. It’s tricky to cover up a body full of tats.

There’s no real movement forward with Weller and Jane. Instead, we get Weller and Mayfair tearing into each other because he cannot let her deception go. In flashbacks it’s revealed that Daylight cost her dearly when her lover, who was a high-ranking officer at the White House, committed suicide rather than be outed as participating in the pervasive surveillance, something she doesn’t share with Weller.

Jane does at least ask Weller what’s up and they talk about how to handle it when people disappoint you. She says she doesn’t know because none of them have let her down (perhaps the ONLY upside to amnesia). I do like that they talk to each other, even if there are a thousand things he can’t bring himself to say to her yet. Instead, he goes home and finally has a drink with his dad.

And that was kind of it.

NBC is getting all spun up that tonight’s ep is the last before the final episode of the fall, the pre-finale before the finale, if you will, complete with an X-Files-ripped “Trust No One.” I’m not at all a fan of seasonal finales + cliffhangers (vs. season finales), but OK. The good news is they’ve already been upped for a second season. Bonus!

I love the vote of confidence this early on. I do wonder though if everybody involved had a moment of “oh, crap” as it hit them how much work is ahead of them. This has got to be a hard show to grind out at a network level of 22 episodes. If memory serves, only Marianne Jean-Baptiste has been down this road before, with Without a Trace.

As a fan, I love it. Sometimes 13 isn’t enough, and in some cases, it takes 10 to get the rhythm going. Case in point, tonight is Episode 9. If we were wrapping in five episodes, I’d be rending garments that it’s too soon. I love that we have 12 episodes coming after the holidays.

Here’s a sneak peek for tonight’s fancy dress affair, “Authentic Flirt.” BTW — if you wondered what’s up with the episode titles, apparently they are anagram clues. Good luck with that, if that’s your thing.

Blindspot airs Monday night at 10/9c on NBC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada.


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