The Riddle of Audrey Parker – An Interview With Haven’s Emily Rose

Haven returns for a second season this Friday at 10pm on Syfy, and Monday, July 18th at 10pm on Showcase. In a recent interview, we had the chance to speak with series star Emily Rose while she was filming episode nine of the thirteen-episode season. When Season Two begins, Audrey is still dealing with The Troubles in Haven – but also with the sudden appearance of another Agent Audrey Parker who accuses the original Audrey of being an imposter.

Rose told us that what initially attracted her to the character of Audrey Parker was the juxtaposition of a dedicated investigator who knew nothing about her own past. A role like this is tricky, because Rose usually starts with her characters’ pasts and builds from there. In this case, she couldn’t do that, because Audrey’s past is a big unknown and “that was the thing that got to [Rose].” She also admired the way that Audrey overcame the hardships of the foster care system and became successful – perhaps becoming a detective so that, at least subconsciously, she could “figure out the mystery of her own self.” She also liked the idea of navigating the unusual town of Haven through the eyes of Audrey, a newcomer.

Now that there are two “Audreys,” Season Two becomes even trickier. Rose thinks it’s both “freaky and comforting” for Audrey to have someone sharing her identity – and her memories. She has to ask herself “What is her own story?” For the rest of the episode, she carries this immense burden and is “just trying to make it through”; she’s not in a place to be quirky this week. “All I know is that I know I was good at helping people,” says Rose, so Audrey focuses on that as a way to prevent herself from falling apart.

Audrey/Nathan fans shouldn’t worry too much about how Audrey’s (literal!) identity crisis will affect the duo, though: their friendship, at least, is solid. Nathan (played by Lucas Bryant) is going through plenty of difficult things himself, dealing with his father’s death and (temporarily) taking over the police department. Rose pointed out that the chief’s seat is a position of power in the town of Haven, so one of the big questions this season will be who lands in that seat. Audrey and Nathan are there for each other through all this: Rose says they’re “in a good new place.” Everything they’ve been through together has forged a strong bond between them, and when Season Two starts, they’re “in a rhythm” and finishing each others’ sentences. Their individual troubles – and The Troubles – only solidify their dynamic as they give each other confidence; even when Audrey is questioning her own identity, Nathan tells her “I know who you are.”

Eric Balfour’s slightly shady Duke is still around too, of course, and Emily Rose told us that we’ll see plenty of the three “bumming around” together this season. Audrey continues to help – if not force – Duke and Nathan to accept each other. Unspoken issues remain between the two of them, but they decide to team up with each other and Audrey in the face of the larger problems they and the town are facing.

You’ll want to tune in all season, of course, but make sure you don’t miss episode six – Emily Rose says it’s the one she’s most proud of, because it was a huge challenge. It involves guest star Jason Priestley, and combines intense emotional material with an urgent, spiralling timeline. And it provides a different take on The Troubles – one involving mental illness. She said she was “bawling all day long” filming this episode, but it’s her favorite.

Rose says she does sometimes wonder why Audrey doesn’t “pack her bags and leave” Haven, but she thinks Audrey is drawn to the town and feels a connection to it. It’s a safe place, a special place, where she can find a subtle acceptance even as she’s considered an outsider. And, of course, it’s the place where Audrey – and we – can delve into the mystery of her past and her identity.

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