Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady

Last week on Sleepy Hollow, we learned that Ichabod’s romantic life was complicated before he ever met Katrina and Abraham. This bit of his past comes slamming back to his present when the Weeping Lady appears in Sleepy Hollow and seems to have graduated from benign Mwa Ha Ha-ing to corporeal murder.

When Ichabod’s friend, Betsy Ross-enthusiast Caroline, is murdered and Abbie is attacked, in short order after Ichabod receives a raven-delivered love missive from Katrina, the pieces fall together and Ichabod realizes that the Weeping Woman is Mary, his former fianc√©. Mary arrived in the Colonies despite Ichabod calling off their engagement and she was none-too-happy to meet Katrina, who at the time was still only Ichabod’s “friend.”

What Ichabod didn’t know, and what Katrina kept secret, was that Mary tumbled off a cliff to her death during an argument with Katrina and never left Sleepy Hollow. This blows the lid off Ichabod’s brimming rage about all the things he didn’t know about his wife, then, and now, and essentially runs her back to Abraham sort of willingly. Katrina accuses Abraham of planning exactly that result, but it’s actually Parrish who summoned her forward and set the plan in motion.

Katrina and Abbie finally put Mary to rest, but Ichabod is just done, for now.

Hawley comes in handy when Abbie is attacked, doing CPR on her after Ichabod pulls her out of the floor/river portal and then is at a loss for how to revive her. He also lends them a crossbow that should work but doesn’t. At the end of the episode, he’s visited by Jenny, with whom there’s apparently been a “with benefits” relationship and he reminds her that they stopped that, so she winds him up with a kiss and then leaves.

It’s interesting to get these piecemeal backstory items about Ichabod. It makes perfect sense, given his family’s station in England, that he’s have had a marriage arranged. I like that he was finally at critical mass for the things he’d been deceived about and could live with–when he lists off Katrina being a witch, and hiding a son, and now this, he’s just raging. He’s an open book with Abbie, perhaps, because of all that had been kept from him. It’s one of the many things I love about this show. No bullshit. No secrets.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode, “The Abyss Gazes Back,” and a helpful promo if you need a lawyer.


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