Sleepy Hollow: This Red Lady of Caribee

Last week on Sleepy Hollow, we got to play the “air your deep-seated grievances” card as Pandora unleashed a swarm of Caribbean insects that triggered people’s worst fears to manifest and folks to lash out at each other.

We missed the opportunity to see Crane and Abbie air their worries, but I think the show’s done a very good job of having them actually talk to each other without any triggering duress.

Reynolds does get stung, though, and we find out he’s still pretty hung up on Abbie, and pretty threatened by her relationship with Crane. I’m a terrible person because when he was stung I was sort of hoping maybe they were writing him out already. He survives, though, and Abbie keeps all the things he said to her to herself.

Jenny and Joe go to fetch a very important herb that Grace used back in the day to treat George Washington of the same affliction (at the request of Betsy Ross, because, of course). Once they’re out in the boonies to get it, they run into an old acquaintance of Jenny’s who has a terrifying vision that she’s in danger.

That comes true by episode’s end when she procures the artifact inside the shard after confronting Atticus Nevins (a surprisingly daunting Bill Irwin, who I always remember from Northern Exposure even though he has a TON of credits). He warns her it’s some sort of gateway to absolute power, and she takes it away from him anyway and then it absorbs into the palm of her hand. When she’s shaken awake by terrible nightmares, she figures out that some big bad is now riding shotgun inside her. BOO.

I hope as part of the aforementioned “let’s discuss everything in real-time” that Jenny tells Joe, Abby, and Crane sooner than later.

Crane and Abbie defeat the Caribbean spectre, but Pandora escapes through the black rose portal she was building (after getting all dolled up for the arrival of something big) so now she’s a dangerous unknown that they can’t lay their hands on anymore. That won’t end well.

Crane also goes on two first dates with Zoe (who I just realized is Maya Kazan and that makes me feel wicked old because I met her screenwriter dad, Nick, at a film festival in 1994) — the first first is a crash and burn affair at a Benihana’s type restaurant where their nervousness gets the best of them, and their second first, the one that counts, is a quiet walk together where each arrives bearing flowers for the other. It’s sweet.

In other news, in the U.S, the show will move to Fridays at 8/7c on FOX when it returns for the back part of its season (again, no concrete episode number yet, but it’s back after winter break on February 5th.) There’s been some hand wringing about the move, but I feel like big picture wise, that doesn’t wholly suck because it’s still on FOX. I’ve said for a while now that Id love the show to go to FX or FXX if it had a better shot there, but I’m happy to see it still running live, on television, so I’ll live.

Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX in the U.S., and 9 e/p on CTV two in Canada.

Here is a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode, “The Art of War.”


Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX

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