Sleepy Hollow: The Sisters Mills

Well, the title was a bit of a misnomer as Sleepy Hollow‘s “The Sisters Mills” focused more on the actual quadrangle than Abbie and Jenny — which finds Crane and Joe on a stake out together where Joe weirdly tells Crane that the Mills women are excellent matchmakers (random). There was, however a solid parallelism between the Mills sisters’ relationship and that of two young girls who are the latest of Pandora’s playthings.

The episode spins a new version of the tooth fairy lore (which, late to the party, I only just realized these spins have been coined “twistory” — cute). We find out that Paul Revere was a dentist with a supernatural bent, who worked with Betsy to free her nephew of a demon keeping him in a coma. When that demon resurfaces, courtesy of Pandora, Crane realizes the truth of what he saw but didn’t understand all those years earlier when Betsy pushed him out of the room so she and Revere could get to work.

This begets a hilarious scene of Crane requesting Revere’s dentistry bag for his pseudo-official historical society. I was confused as to whether that’s an actual thing that is really happening to save the location of the archives. In tandem with that, Crane is flirting via emojis with the young historian who’s offered to help him become an American.

As for the Sisters Mills, Abbie comes clean about finding their father, and Jenny admits she found him five years earlier. She also reminds Abbie that she has no memories of her own related to him — everything was filtered through Abbie’s perception of him. So she leaves it to Abbie whether to decide whether to reconnect with him.

When Abbie is hurt, the older sister of the girl in the coma comes to see Jenny, who tells her how important sisters are and that the little arguments that seemed like such a big deal pale in comparison to their friendships. Then the girl unwittingly agrees to help Pandora but Crane, Jenny, and Joe jump in and save the day, but not before Pandora does another “mwa ha ha” over Abbie’s hospital bed (fixated much?).

And Crane goes to see a modern dentist and has a super entertaining reaction to being knocked out, dreaming of smoochies with Betsy and then awaking to Abbie, who is perfectly bemused about him being stoned, but she takes his phone away so he can’t drunk-text his new friend. When she shows him the latest emoji’d missive, he tears up and pronounces himself adorable and I rewind and repeat it more than a few times.

So, not a terribly new amount of info doled out, but it was a solid episode — and the tooth fairy demon was A+ creepy — let’s NEVER show him again. I also feel like Abbie keeps having the exact same conversation with her boss every week. Why? Is anyone else getting that?

Thursday night, Sleepy Hollow joins Bones for a two-part episode. I have never seen an episode of the latter so I have no idea how that’s going to go. Note: Bones and Sleepy Hollow air back to back Thursdays on FOX in the U.S., starting at 9/8c. In Canada, Bones is on Global TV Fridays at 10 e/p, so the crossover episode will actually air after Sleepy Hollow airs Thursday night at 9 e/p on CTV two. Plan accordingly. Here are a few sneak peeks. Also, if you missed it, check out Kayti’s interview with Sleepy Hollow producer Raven Metzner.



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