Blood and Oil: Rocks and Hard Places

Well, our time with Blood and Oil is likely coming to a close as ABC this week trimmed its episode order from 13 to 10, part of a kinder, gentler new trend that’s the 2015 version of “you’re cancelled.” I’m a direct contributor because when I sat down to watch this episode, I realized I never went back and watched the episode from the week before. And it wasn’t an intentional slight.

In “Rocks and Hard Places,” we find out that Jules is hanging onto her breakup with Hap, even when he brings her a present from his trip with Carla, which tips Cody to their dalliance. This gift-giving occurs after she and Wick have painted the kitchen with their breakfast because they got *ahem* caught up in other things. Again, EW.

On the homefront, Hap deals with the fallout of Billy attempting to blackmail him with what Cody learned (which makes her livid to the point of putting herself in harm’s way). Although Billy swallowed what he intended to say, Carla’s interest is enough piqued that she asks Hap if he’s cheating and he stone cold lies to her that she’s the only one.

Elsewhere in “let’s lie to our family,” Hap tells Lacey exactly how big the McCutcheon deal is and that he plans to cut Wick out. He also sort of point-blank asks the sheriff whether it’s possible Wick is the one who put a gun in his face, and the sheriff sort of says yes. Lacey covers for Wick at work when he pisses off his crew and they quit and she gets them back the same day.

Wick deals with Gary threatening to rat him out, and then blackmailing him, which he tries to turn into a sting and fails miserably. That leads the injured and desperate-for-drugs Gary to the pharmacy where Cody is closing up alone (because of course) and he robs her and then pistol whips and kicks her while she’s on the ground after she rips his mask off and triggers the alarm.

That’s not Cody’s only dilemma. Finn makes a move on Ada while also offering Kess a way out of his gambling problem (sudden!) by suggesting he sell drugs off their truck. What a spectacular idea, Finn!

Billy’s left to house warm on his own after Cody storms out because of his betrayal and he talks to Ada about it without giving her all the details. So he’s officially just stump dumb on how to maneuver things professionally or personally — you had to feel sorry (or cringey) for him when Hap called his bluff as he tries to threaten him about Jules, bringing Carla into the room so he can tell her face to face. Lundegren having a heart attack (with The Flash‘s Peyton List as his daughter) and begging off their deal doesn’t help his prospects, either.

I enjoy this Blood and Oil in all its silliness and I hate for anyone to be laid off, so, it’s terrible for the cast and crew working on the show that they’re probably done. At the very least, they get to close it out on their own terms. I am curious, though, which writers room gets to take the last script. I also hope Don Johnson has realized that he likes being on a weekly series again and gets back into something else immediately.

Sunday, the town rallies around Cody. Only 5 episodes left (if you’re a betting person). Blood and Oil airs Sundays at 9 pm e/8 c on ABC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.



Photo and Videos courtesy of ABC.

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