Blindspot: Cede Your Soul

Last week on Blindspot, we got a better picture of just how lonely Jane is in this new world she’s inherited. We also see Weller really struggle with whether to bond with Jane or leave her alone.

We begin with Jane having a sex dream about someone she can’t identify, except for a tattoo,  and when she debriefs with her therapist, they come around to the idea that it could be Weller because their relationship is complicated. Together they agree that maybe she should back off with him and keep things strictly professional to make things less complicated

While they come to that decision, Weller is told by Mayfair to do the same, or rather she asks him if he can remain impartial and he says yes, but then he goes totally the other side, barking orders at her to mask that no, he cannot be impartial at all. He’s also dealing with the fallout at home, sleeping in his office to avoid his dad, so there is A LOT of baggage there and we see that Taylor’s disappearance decimated his family.

Jane gets a flicker of a new friendship, even though it seriously blurs the lines, when the team befriends/recruits/works with a young hacker named Ana who was duped into selling her tech, which tracks government vehicles, to someone on the dark Web when she thought she was working for the NSA. Ana and Jane bond over the fact that Jane has the tattoo of her software’s logo — an owl that Ana’s brother drew to make her feel safe as a child when he worked nights — on her leg, and the fact that both are on their own. Ana is the first one who seems genuinely sympathetic about what it must be like for Jane.

Ana helps them out, and has some cute outnerding with Patterson over scripting choices and how best to hack, but that proves helpful later when Ana is kidnapped and Patterson figures out that Ana is sending her clues. They rescue her and hand her off to protective custody.

At the end of the episode, Jane starts toward her own protective custody when Weller catches her at the elevator and tries to apologize for overdoing the “distance” thing. He offers to remove himself from her detail and she says no, he knows her best, and he should stay. She admits how lonely she is, because all of these people have seen every inch of her body, so she can’t really socialize with them or try to be friends. He suggests his sister, and she reminds him that is also really complex.

He offers to take her home and she declines. The security team drops her off and she asks them in for a drink and they tell her they can’t, but they offer to bring her a bottle of something if she wants and she says no. As she heads inside, the guy with the tattoo from the sex dream stands watching her from down the block.

Weller gets home and his sister has brought his dad back, and she admits she didn’t tell him about Jane, that she wanted them to do that as a family. So they sit down, and she tells him everything and he bursts into tears and clasps his children’s hands, and Weller is emphatically not feeling it. You can see him fighting the impulse to show some sort of emotion — tears brim but do not fall and his nostrils flare — but he can’t do it, can’t concede that to his dad just yet.

Also, Zapata pays her gambling debt with the money from the director so she’s fully in bed with him now. Such a bad idea.

It’s hard to believe we’re already six episodes in. It’s good that we already know we’re going for 22, which sounds massive now when so many shows now tap out at 10 or 13 episodes. I feel for the folks working on this show — it’s a hard hourly. Lots of emotion, lots of physicality. They’re all doing a bang up job. It’s the second show this year, after The Whispers, to sneak up on me and be surprisingly emotionally rich. I love that

Blindspot airs Monday night at 10/9c on NBC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of Monday’s new episode, “Sent on Tour,” with the always entertaining Lou Diamond Phillips.


Photo and Video Courtesy of NBC

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