Sleepy Hollow: Sins of the Father

Was I alone in being 100% sure that Nevins was dead? Because I was wrong. He’s back on Sleepy Hollow this week, playing the victim card as the survivor of a boogedy attack before it comes to light that he’s actually been manipulating them. Not to fret, though. He gets his.

We only have one scene with Pandora and her VOB as it becomes clearer that she’s over his mwa ha ha and just wants her mojo back. He puts her in her place (and I’m guessing, cements his fate) when he tells her she wanted to be his equal and now she is because they’re both powerless. That’s going to bite him later. Count on it.

Over at Chez Mills-Crane, he’s putting together a rather impressive meal by hand to help with her rehabilitation but she’s not particularly interested.

Out in the woods, a deputy stumbles across Nevins and is then shredded by a beastie. Nevins turns himself in to Crane & co. and spins a tale of an artifact that he and Corbin Sr. discovered during the war, of a beastie controlled by a golden scarab. He sets them off on the hunt for it, spinning the idea that it’s being controlled by Randall, who’s looking to take over his business.

That works until Randall is killed in front of Joe and Sophie and they all realize they’ve been duped and that Nevins had the scarab inside him (ewww) all along. The whole thing was a ruse to get a hold of Corbin’s files on secret dig sites that are likely to hold untold wealth. He gets his hands on Jenny so Joe lets him go, and Nevins hands the files off to the big Feeb boss, who kills him. So that’s that.

Separately, the Mills girls go see their dad. Jenny goes first and he admits he was a coward who bailed when her mother got ill. He drank and entered the service to get out and get clean, and when he came back, he didn’t look for them (see: coward). Jenny tells Abbie she’s seen him, so then it’s her turn, and she’s less interested in making nice than she is in asking about the timing of how and when it became apparent that her mother was losing her mind. Sensing his daughter needs help, he offers it, but she begs off that she has people for that.

Of course she doesn’t tell any of those people that she keeps having visions of the sigil. She comes part way when she tells Crane that she’s had a hard time, and she knows he knows about that more than anyone, but she doesn’t tell him the whole thing. When he leaves to go stake out a spot at the bar, she goes into the garage and uncovers sigils she’s drawn on the wall, and over and over again in a journal. She kneels on the floor, crosses her arms, and swears her troth with “You saved me. I’m yours.”


I am not at all down with that, particularly if these are the last episodes ever ever, and also because I think at some point somebody in the sea of PTSD folks in Abbie’s life would have already called bullshit that she is not okay. I also don’t like Crane being clueless, because I do not think that’s him. There’s giving space, sure, and then there’s looking the other way, which he’s not wired for. Get them back on the same page immediately, please.

On the other side of the relationship coin, we do get a very sweet Joe and Jenny scene of her thanking him for prompting her to see her dad as he admits he’d give anything for one more moment with his.

We need Crane and Abbie to catch up. I feel like we are still waiting for their big reunion scene to happen. I want her to tell him the whole truth about everything she felt when she was on her own and still feels now that she’s home, and for him to finally unload about everything he felt when she essentially forfeited her life (i.e. abandoned him and their Witness bond as he’d done on his walkabout) to save Jenny. That discussion is still out there, and I want that to happen onscreen. For me, that’s in first position ahead of any MOTW or Pandora resolution. Six episodes left to get there.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8e/7c on FOX and 8e/p on CTV two for the rest of the spring.

Photo courtesy of Tina Rowden/FOX

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