Sleepy Hollow: Root of All Evil

A few years back, Hellcats was appointment TV for me, and I LOVED Harper’s Island, so color me chuffed when Matt Barr popped up last week in Sleepy Hollow as Nick Hawley, an “associate” of Jenny’s who trades in historical artifacts and various and sundry sort-of legal things (he’s the Duke Crocker of Sleepy Hollow).

In “Root All Evil,” we dive into what would seem to be a straightforward (as far as this show goes) crime where someone holds up a bank. Only in this case, it’s instigated by Parrish, who puts the Judas Iscariot coins back in circulation to turn people inward to their darkest selves and wreak havoc.

Eventually that coin finds its way to Jenny. She’s reeling from the news that the Sheriff is the one who locked up her mom, and when she’s released from jail, it doesn’t take too long for Parrish to find her, and for Jenny to set out to kill the Sheriff.

After a few false starts, Abbie and Crane figure out her target, and with an assist from Nick, and a misdirect faux confession from Crane to occupy a priest, they procure stained glass, get to Jenny, save the Sheriff and pop the coin onto the glass to lock down its powers. (I still think something is up with the Sheriff and she’s not exactly what she seems.)

Over at Ye Olde Barn of Unrequited Love, Katrina’s trying to work her angle with Abraham and Parrish, guessing that Parrish is still somehow bonded to her. We find out that he’s moved back into the home where he was born, but when he sets the bed he was born in on fire, we can presume Katrina’s guess in wrong.

One funny little side jag in the episode is that Crane has no official ID, so he’s got nothing to prove to the Sheriff that he is who he says is, and he’s denied service at a bar. Nick shows up at the end with a passport for Crane, and Abbie cheerfully tells him now he can order a beer.

Crane and Abbie get looped on Parrish hooking up with Irving, but they can’t get in to see him, so Crane goes back later to see another patient and meets up with Irving and sets him straight, telling that the safest place for him is in Tarrytown and that he’s in danger if he’s outside with Parrish.

Barr was a good fit with Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. I hope he comes back. I liked them sort of tag-teaming the case, and that Nick doesn’t know exactly what’s up with Crane (yet).

The historical note this week is that one of the coins turned Benedict Arnold, who had been Crane’s friend, and he’s happy to fully understand now what happened then. (He also points out that that’s not Sam Adams on the Sam Adams bottle).

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s new episode.

Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX

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