Gotham’s Ben McKenzie: Keeping Secrets and Creating a Super Villain

Episode 4 of Gotham airs tonight, and we chatted with star Ben McKenzie at New York Comic Con this past weekend. He teased tonight’s episode, “Arkham,” and shared some insight into his character, especially when it comes to Jim Gordon trying to do what’s morally right. First, read over these highlights, and then check out the full video below!

  • Jim makes the morally correct decision in the pilot with Oswald Cobblepot by not killing him only for it to backfire on him when Penguin returns to Gotham. The right decision doesn’t always yield the best results, and Jim has created a super villain as a result.
  • Jim has a connection with Bruce because he also lost his father, so he sees himself in Bruce. Another big part of that relationships is that Bruce is the son of the Waynes who were a moral force in Gotham.
  • Regarding Jim and Barbara’s relationship, he’s not suspicious of her secrets and her past at this point, but in tonight’s episode, he’ll have a new understanding of who she is, and some of this will come to a head. They are both lying to each other and have secrets.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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