The Top 10 Things We Learned During Sleepy Hollow’s NYCC Panel

The final day of New York Comic Con brought us some of TV hottest series, including Sleepy Hollow. We were at that panel and treated to the first half of tonight’s episode, so we have a list of the Top 10 things that we learned about what’s in store for tonight and beyond. Please proceed with caution as there are some spoilers below!

  1. The first part of the season will be eleven episodes uninterrupted with a big cliffhanger in December’s “midseason” finale.
  2. This season is very much about family, and will really look at the mistakes some mothers may have made with their children.
  3. The writing team has “creature meetings” every three weeks to flesh out the details of each creature they introduce, including costumes and practical effects that they use to bring the characters to life.
  4. Although Abbie and Jenny love each other very much, there is a lot of damage yet to be repaired.
  5. Tonight’s episode features the Pied Piper, and he has never been creepier!
  6. Also in store for tonight, a certain man out of time will be harnessing the power of several hundred horses (courtesy of the Jenny Mills School of Defensive Driving).
  7. Tonight’s episode also shows one character heading down a very dark path in a huge video game-esque scene, rated Mature for violence.
  8. Hawley may be the greatest addition to the show this season and we’ll see more of him working with Crane and Abbie.
  9. In an upcoming episode, Crane is going to discover karaoke … and apparently, Tom Mison can sing! Also, Nicole Beharie is a talented vocalist.
  10. In the episode airing two weeks from tonight will include a Crane vs yoga scene.

We’ll have more Sleepy Hollow goodness for you soon, including video from their NYCC press room! Stay tuned for those over the upcoming week.

Photo by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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