Sleepy Hollow: Paradise Lost

Hah! So, is Irving a zombie or because his soul was in limbo when he was killed he’s something else entirely?

Sleepy Hollow‘s “Paradise Lost” begins after Parrish vanquishes Moloch. Everybody’s been thrown to the ground and knocked out, and when they all come to, they’re fine, but Parrish is missing.

Fast forward six weeks later and Crane has been locked in a quest to prove that Moloch is still somehow in play / evil is still afoot, while Abbie is ready to figure out what a Witness’s life looks like post-crisis. Crane and Katrina have separated (sort of), remaining apart while she works to try to free Abraham from his bond to the Horseman of Death.

Crane and Abbie get called back to work, if you will, when strange things start happening on a local farm, and they find a group of demons attempting to summon another one, a new leader to step in for Moloch. They fire off a few shots as the demons scatter, and then they’re re joined by the black-winged angel, Orion, and I’m not going to lie — I got a little twitchy that we were about to go down the road of good vs. evil, which has turned me off other shows, but thankfully (hopefully) he’s one and done for now.

Abbie is intrigued enough by Orion to give him the benefit of the doubt — even asking him a few questions about God. Crane doesn’t quite buy into it and finds out that Orion was conveniently at the site of several historic disasters, so his arrival in Sleepy Hollow must bode ill. Orion talks to Abbie about killing Abraham, because it was Abraham who dispatched him to Purgatory (he was freed when Moloch was killed). Abbie’s on board until Katrina solicits Crane’s help to actually free Abraham.

Katrina learns of Orion’s plan and sets Abraham free. Hawley’s been recruited by Jenny, who was waiting for Abbie and Crane to be her wingmen so she could flirt with the bartender (random). He brings forth a relic that helps them figure out where the demons from the barn will turn up next. He sees them with Abraham at the carriage house and they call to tell Abbie.

She heads over and summons Orion to join her. He admits that he’s got larger plans for wiping the earth clean, and Abbie finally realizes he’s dangerous. Crane arrives, and together with Abbie, they save Abraham and destroy Orion’s weapon. He flies off, but I’m sure we’ll see him again. Just hopefully not for a while.

So we’re left with an Abraham to potentially be rehabbed, a missing Parrish, separated Cranes, and Abbie wondering what’s next.

And then the coda — a man stumbles into convenience store and heads straight for the milk. When he pulls back from the refrigerator case to address the clerk who’s nagged him for not wearing shoes, it’s a disheveled Irving. he asks if he’s in heaven or hell and is told he’s in Sleepy Hollow.

Dun dun DUN.

The Irving thing wasn’t a shock at all because this is Sleepy Hollow.  I’m curious to see what he actually is and why it took six weeks to turn up (outside of the plot machination).

The Jenny / Hawley thing seems to be a fumble for the writers that they’re perhaps rethinking. When he meets her at the bar, he comes down on her for her interest in the bartender — telling her the guy’s not good enough for her. She tells him it’s none of his business. Later on, he says exactly that — but only in the captions. The audible dialogue looped in that ends up in the final episode is “I still think about us,” which would seem to have been shoehorned in later. And yet before the break, he seemed to be interested in Abbie. One or the other, y’all. We don’t need him pitting the sisters against each other and if Jenny has moved on, let her.

If you’ve read me a while (thank you!) you know that I just HATE love geometry. There’s no place for it here. For the faction who find something there with Crane / Abbie / Katrina, I’m not subscribing to that at all. For me, Crane and Abbie aren’t a romantic love. They love each other, no doubt, but it’s beyond a romantic relationship. I don’t even categorize it as siblings or family. It’s a pre-ordained bond that’s traversed families and decades and centuries. I know there are folks who cringe at the word soul mate, and I don’t think that’s what they are. I think of them as soul twins. They’re always going to be linked.

I continue to adore this show and this cast. I still wish we had a full 22 this season, but I’m very glad we have six episodes left. I’d feel even better if we knew before they wrap that we had a Season 3.

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