Sleepy Hollow: Novus Ordo Seclorum

So, that’s definitely a Sleepy Hollow cliffhanger, but I’m not sure it was a necessary cliffhanger, especially when it led to a few headlines that seriously posited whether Abbie had died. Because REALLY?

I dare say that is never going to happen unless we’re talking about the series finale, which is hopefully a WAYS off. It was also a disjointed decision on Abbie’s part that left me with my hand up asking why she did what she did.

The run up to that is that Nevins asks to see Abbie and refuses to talk to Sophie. Reynolds tries to call Abbie on the carpet about covering for Joe and Jenny and she responds by handing him her gun and badge. She’s on her own with her own team (SSDD), but she does at least have the wherewithal to load up on weapons from the Feeb armory before she hands in her access card. Good girl!

Before Abbie can speak to Nevins, Pandora comes to visit him and only leaves behind his blood, which leads Sophie to hilariously put out an APB when there’s nothing left of him.

Jenny, meanwhile is being grossly tapped like an energy keg in a series of scenes that are uncomfortable, but thankfully not over the top.

Our Twistory tie follows the clue on the dollar bill’s seal that leads them to the discovery that the magical shard’s outer shell was fashioned by Paul Revere after the shard killed his nephew. The team decides if they can get that shell back, they can use it to pull the energy out of Jenny without killing her.

Pandora’s Bae, who’s actually a God (and they’re both Millennia old) has no such compunction as to whether he kills her. And Sossamon uses her very best sing-song “let’s not rattle the sociopath” voice in encouraging him to take his time so that he doesn’t tap the well too early.

Before they head into battle, Joe and Crane talk about muddying up the waters of logic with love, and that extends to Abbie, too. Before they go inside, Abbie and Crane talk about all the things they’ve defeated that could have killed them but didn’t (which is totally telegraphing Abbie’s decision, but see above about END GAME).

That love vs. logic comes into play with Abbie when the shell is shattered mid-stream of getting the energy out of Jenny and she gathers up and holds the pieces in her hand long enough to finish. That part I get, but the next thing she does — stepping into the magical mystery tree and disappearing — is baffling.

Once she disappears, a pulse scatters Crane, Joe, and Jenny across the floor, and Crane runs up to the point of her disappearance and can only say, “Abbie.” I really don’t understand the choice — was it to get rid of the energy shard once and for all? Why not chuck it into the abyss and stay behind?

We’re back in 73 days. There was no preview after the episode, which was a supreme WTF, because the average bear who might be duped into thinking Abbie died might also be duped into thinking that maybe they weren’t coming back at all.

So, not sure where that leaves us, and I sincerely hope Abbie is back in the fold sooner than later and that they do not waste a precious moment of the ten remaining episodes this season frittering about as to whether they can find her. Resolve that and get back to picking off Pandora, please.

They’re still in production in Atlanta, so you can follow along on Twitter. My wish for them is that they know before they wrap whether they’re getting a fourth season.

See you in February!

Photo courtesy of FOX

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