The Romeo Section Preview: Whiskey Jack

I would seriously love to have a look at the The Romeo Section writers room board, y’all, because the character and arc intersections happening on this show are a thing of beauty. They sort of take the idea of “you think you know, but you have no idea,” amp it way up on speed, and then set it loose for it to wind its way home in its own time. It’s truly delightful to behold.

Without spoiling any of the aha! moments in this week’s episode, this is what I can tease for you to set the stage:

  • Wolf takes a meeting with Foy to suss out what they want with Miguel.
  • Lily takes a meeting that clarifies a few things about where she stands (sort of).
  • Rufus and Dee discuss how to deal with Vince and the new info from Wolf.
  • We get a better picture of how many threads are in play with the drug heist.
  • The General adjusts to new accommodations.
  • Miguel and Eva talk about what they could be.

The Romeo Section airs at 9 e/p Wednesdays on the CBC. Here are a few sneak peeks of “Whiskey Jack.”




Photos and Videos Courtesy of the CBC.

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