Sleepy Hollow: Magnum Opus

Guess what? This wasn’t the Sleepy Hollow fall finale, as the promo monkeys led us to believe. Instead, it was part one of a two-part fall finale, so tomorrow’s episode is the actual fall finale (pinky swear!). The episode’s East Coast feed (which is the one I watch) was blown out by the whole Ferguson debacle because FOX news had to go to the live feed. Thankfully, it reran last night, filling in some of the gaps. Sweet!

Crane and Abbie are working to defeat Moloch and they’re led to a straight-out-of-Goonies-and-National-Treasure booby-trapped scavenger hunt complete with a Gorgon, on the trail of a magical sword which is supposed to help them vanquish him. Sidebar: I didn’t realize that Katrina had tied out with Crane and Abbie that the baby was Moloch so maybe that happened offscreen?

Parrish rigs a two-way mirror so that he can replay Katrina’s conversation with Crane, and eavesdrop. Once he learns their plan, he sends Abraham after them and they all thrown down, until the sunrise delays Abraham for a day, buying Crane and Abbie a headstart in the catacombs.

There’s one nit in there that going down to the lair where the sword is hidden requires you to reveal your true self, so Abbie and Crane can see all of Abraham, but somehow he’s immune to the Gorgon (because his head isn’t real?). I think that was a fudge.

We also get a lot more backstory on Abraham and Crane’s relationship, and the framework is laid out that Abraham and Katrina set Crane on his path to the States, and the War, and his role as a Witness, and that he and Abraham were practically brothers–a much closer bond than had been explained to us before. It also makes Abraham’s case that Crane betrayed him more balanced.

We see Abraham soliciting Crane in England to join him on his passage to the Colonies, and break free of his father, and him introduce Katrina and Crane, who have already met, oblivious to the spark between them. When the former friends face off in the catacombs, and Crane can actually see Abraham again, there’s a lot of baggage there. I wonder if we will ever get to a point that Crane actually has to kill him.

Crane and Abbie finally get to the room with the swords, and as Abbie discovers the arrangement of swords are actually fakeouts (and live snakes), Crane gets away from Abraham and joins her, and together, they defeat the booby traps and pull the sword loose from its hiding place beneath a cauldron of oil (sneaky!). And that’s where we leave them.

Over at Parrish’s, he finally tells Katrina that she’s been duped into letting him eavesdrop on Crane and Abbie, and he shows her that the whole idyllic state of the house was yet another masking. Abraham also tells her he knows she’s playing both sides. Parrish rolls out his mwa-ha-ha for Katrina and then sounds a horn that essentially signifies hell on earth as the demons start to gather.

Jenny tries to drive Irving to Canada, but he bails on her when they come to a roadblock, determined not to drag her down his dark path. So we’ll see where he ends up (preview says he doesn’t go far).

Tomorrow, all of it comes together, and Hawley’s on board as well. Here’s a sneak peek of “The Akeda.” This will be episode 11, and so far we’re promised 18 this season–I’m hoping we’ll hear they get an order for four more for a full 22, but I’m not sure where they are on filming. The back 7 episodes begin on January 5th (yay!).


Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX

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