Chatting Lost Girl Season 5 with Producers Michael Grassi & Vanessa Piazza

We’re a week away from Lost Girl‘s Season 5 premiere and we are finally unveiling some interviews that we’ve been teasing since the spring! In the first of the interviews from my visit to their Toronto set back in May, Executive Producers Michael Grassi and Vanessa Piazza teased what’s coming up this season. Now this is only a taste of what they shared with me … more will be revealed from this conversation as the season progresses! 

In light of the events that took place in Season 4, what can you tell us about the challenges ahead for these characters? Is everyone still recovering from the loss of Kenzi and Hale?

Michael: I think there was a lot of reeling with the loss of Kenzi at the end of last season. Season 5 starts and really hits the ground running with new, fresh stories but that also address everything that’s been happening over the past four seasons. Season 5 is an interesting season because the balance between finding the new and addressing a lot of the stuff that our fans are really interested in knowing. We are really excited about Season 5 because this is a season where we get some real answers on Bo’s family, and it actually sends Bo on an interesting trajectory, and we’re sort of dipping into a brand new world of mythology. For the past two seasons, we’ve been looking at a lot of Norse mythology, and we kick off this season with a little more Norse mythology, but then we dip into something brand new which we cannot tell you how excited we are. It is just way too delicious for words.

Can you say how much time has passed between the Season 4 finale and the Season 5 premiere?

Michael: It’s not too long, but some time has passed, and in that time, Bo has been very driven and very focused working on “something”.

You mentioned family, which has always been an important element of Lost Girl. How prominent is that theme this season?

Michael: Family has always been explored in Lost Girl, and the theme of family comes front and centre in Season 5.

Season 4 opened the door to a relationship between Tamsin and Dyson, and we saw that she had strong feelings for him. Will that tension between them continue?

Michael: What’s really interesting about Tamsin is that we know she’s on her last life. I think she’s very much in search of a family and in search of love, and this season finds her exploring a brand new relationship, something that we haven’t seen on the show before, and something that I think is her true love. Tamsin takes an interesting position this year in terms of working with Bo, that starts in Episodes 3 and 4. Tamsin really steps up and starts taking cases with Bo; they form a really interesting relationship and a working relationship as well.

Vanessa: I think one of the really exciting things about this season is that you get to see a lot of the leads interacting with each other in new dynamics, which is always really fun, rather than continuing the same. We’ll see this new relationship between Tamsin and Bo, and more of Tamsin and Lauren together. There will be a lot of fun cases of the week where characters get to explore them together, and a lot of new characters will come into play as well.

Michael: After such big things happened last season, the characters are really putting things into perspective. They’ve reset a little bit, and looking at life differently, which has opened up a lot of story for us. Dyson and Tamsin do have some interesting stories this season.

Lauren really opened up an intriguing can of worms last season with stripping Evony of her fae-ness. What can you tease about Lauren’s storyline in Season 5?

Michael: We’re seeing Lauren in a really good place this season, which is really exciting to us.

Vanessa: And we’ll get to see a lot more of her interacting with the group. Last year, she was in isolation a lot, which is something that the character leans toward, but this year, it’s getting back to that family thing and these new friend/family dynamics. She’s more present.

Are there any specific character relationships that you haven’t really been able to explore previously that you’re looking forward to tackling?

Michael: Yes, absolutely. Some of it is shocking, some of it will feel right, some of it will feel wrong, and I think that’s what’s delicious about all of it. What’s great about Lost Girl is the fluidity, and having a succubus at the centre that has this open heart. We love Bo so much because she lets people in and that gets complicated when she may let too many people in.

I know there have been times that I’ve chatted with the cast and they’ve mentioned co-stars that they would have liked to work with more.

Vanessa: Yeah, and we pay that off a lot this year. The writers have done some really cool stuff. I think that Michael’s had some really fresh ideas, and we’ve had some awesome and exciting new casting that is just going to add to the group. It’s going to be a fun, exciting and powerful season.

Michael: It’s lots of fun, but it’s also really scary. To me, Lost Girl is at its best when it’s funny and super scary and super sexy. This season, we’ve been firing from all of those cannons. It’s all really character driven and based in interesting mythology, so we’re thrilled. And like Vanessa said, we’re really thrilled about our new faces.

One thing I’m excited about — last season, Bo had gone missing and wasn’t really there for the first three episodes, and we had some really exciting premiere stuff, but this season feels really new because Bo is back front and centre, grounding and driving the show. Anna Silk is the heart and soul of the show.

Now Michael, I know you’ve worked with ensemble casts before, but this is your first foray into genre TV. Does this series require a different approach?

Yes, research is huge. It’s really interesting because it’s so fun to play in all of this mythology and the scary stuff that I’ve always gravitated towards my entire life, but I think first and foremost, Lost Girl is character driven, and that’s what makes the show really, really sing, so it’s always coming back to finding these amazing cases and these serialized arcs for our characters. There’s scary stuff but bringing it back to what our characters are going through and how they deal with things is what makes the show so dynamic. Michelle Lovretta, Emily Andras, Jay Firestone and Vanessa really set this amazing tone of what this series is and what makes it unique, and I feel like I’m so lucky that I get to come in and play in this incredible world.

Come back Tuesday for another interview, this time with one of Lost Girl’s fae-tastic cast!

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  1. Hmmm so Tamsin and Bo will not only have a professional relationship but a second type of relationship as well? That sounds intriguing. It couldn’t be a sisterly relationship cuz they’re not sisters and have never come close to that type of relationship. I’m gonna call it now I think Bo will use Tamsin as a feeding station. Of course I think Bo has come to love and care about Tamsin so I don’t think it will be like there are no feelings whatsoever there, but unfortunetly I don’t think it will be romantic. It just doesn’t sound like they will be going there as much as I hate that. Still Tamsin gets her sexy time with Bo so maybe the Valkubus fans will have a bone thrown there way after all? Not liking the thought of Tamsin and Dyson. I think that will piss off a bunch of Valkubus fans who are lesbians. Not a good idea to piss them off, but we will see.

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