Sleepy Hollow: Incommunicado

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I kind of need to know now if we’re getting a fourth season of Sleepy Hollow, and I hope that word comes from this weekend’s WonderCon panel (even though it looks like it will be sans Nikki Beharie and Tom Mison).

Last week’s episode took another pass at keeping Abbie and Crane separated, although this time it was only by a physical door and a supernatural barrier. They were at least in the same building. VOB comes calling on Crane and as luck would have it the Witness GPS sigil is significant to him, too, and when Crane attempts to contact Abbie with it, it sets off a force field barrier that threatens the whole world (of course).

Pandora arrives and offers to help but says she’ll need a supernatural being to help direct her box’s remaining mojo at the barrier. Jenny, Joe, and Sophie go off to fetch a Banshee and end up killing her so that’s a no go. The next contestant is Joe, and after some hemming by Jenny, Joe agrees to do it because Crane could die otherwise.

He tells Jenny he loves her, and Abbie warns Pandora that he’s like a brother to her and there will be consequences if the mojo redirect goes sideways. There’s also an asterisk in there that the whole shebang could either de-Wendigo Joe or kill him. No pressure.

Pandora begins and Joe Wendigos out and then breaches the safety barrier when Jenny lunges forward. They’re all on point to take him out if necessary but Jenny talks him down by telling him she loves him. Pandora works the spell in the tunnels while inside the research room, Crane and VOB exchange not-so-pleasantries about being timeless, omnipotence vs. education and art, and the history of the sigil, until VOB drops the news that Abbie wasn’t the only one preordained as a witness. Crane was, too.

VOB does prove useful, though, when Crane reveals the sigil is a listening/locator device and VOB tells him his tablet translations are off by a few centuries. They team up and decrypt it to synch up with when Pandora blows the barrier on the door. Crane is saved, but the tablet crumbles to dust and VOB disappears. He’s heard Pandora’s admission, though, that she knew the sigil was with Crane and Abbie, so he’s waiting for her when she returns home. Since it was the very thing that kept him confined to the Catacombs all those years ago, he’s none-too-pleased.

Abbie and Crane reunite with a very quick hug and quips about eating their feelings and heads exploding and fist bumps before they head out. Back at the trailer, Joe is recovered, and he tells Jenny he heard her, and her promise of a key and she jokes that she told that to the Wendigo. Then she comes through with the key, and they make with the smoochies.

We have three episodes left, and I really, really hope we have Crane and Abbie together for tomorrow’s episode, and the two that follow. They are the show for me. I’m not sure what’s driven the divide and conquer and cast build-out changes, but I’d like them to dial it back to Crane and Abbie as we wind down, or at the very least, keep them side by side alongside all the other players. They’re how we started this whole thing. They should absolutely be how we finish it — whether that’s for the season or the series. The preordained through time thing is interesting, especially when you look at Mama Mills and her path because she didn’t have Crane. And we have to wonder if/what Grace Dixon knew about that.

Here are a few sneak peeks of Friday’s “Dawn’s Early Light,” which airs at 8e/7c on FOX and 8e/p on CTV two.




Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX.

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