Sleepy Hollow: For the Triumph of Evil

Good news! We’re getting a second season of The Bod! Less good news–only nine episodes left after tomorrow’s episode. Part of the early renewal was the decision to keep Sleepy Hollow cable-esque with shorter 13-episode seasons, and I actually don’t hate that idea. Get in, make us love you, get out, and make us miss you.

Last week’s episode upped the creepy with a Sandman as the monster of the week. He sleep visits everyone who covered up what Abbie and Jennifer saw, killing the man who found them and the psychiatrist who locked Jennifer away. Even creepier–their eyes turn white, filled with sand, and each is compelled to summon Abbie and warn her before they commit suicide. Abbie sees him in her dream, too, but wakes up before he can do his damage.

Suitably freaked out, Abbie goes to see Jennifer, who’s not receptive to a visit. The Bod goes to see her and she plays it all cool and disinterested until she finds out that her psychiatrist is dead. Abbie and The Bod look elsewhere for answers while she tries to stay awake. They retreat to their lair and find out their dreamwalker is a Native American spirit that The Bod heard tales of from the Native American trackers during the war.

When Abbie explains the current state of Native Americans, he’s visibly upset at what has come to pass. They go see the closest thing Abbie knows to a Shaman–a used car salesman–and when he’s sure they’re not pulling a fast one on him, he agrees to help. He tells them they’ll have to cross into the dream world to defeat the Sandman. He gives Abbie a tea and once he explains that she has to survive in the dream to come back, The Bod takes a swig and goes in with her. But first they have to be bitten by scorpions.

So they go in and Abbie comes face to face with the Sandman and then she flashes back to the girls’ interview with the police after their lost time when Jennifer said they saw a demon and Abbie wouldn’t confirm it. The Bod is dropped elsewhere in the landscape–encountering the Sandman’s victims hanging in a hallway before he makes his way upstairs to Abbie. He confronts the Sandman as he’s about to reach her and then the Sandman slashes his arm, which collapses into sand, telling him his sins aren’t Sandman-punishable. Then Abbie screams stop and confesses what she saw and what she did. The Sandman turns to glass and The Bod snaps Abbie out of her trance and she swings a chair at the crystalized form and he shatters into sand. They both wake up and decide no more scorpions.

Back at the lair, they chat about what’s in store for their seven-year quest if they’re already this exhausted. Abbie gets up to leave and runs into Irving (who never says why he’s there…hmmm) on his way in. He asks how they’re there and The Bod tells him he broke a wall. Irving says he’ll give them a key–they don’t need to break in–and he’s fine with them using it as their offsite but nearby home base. The Bod offers to catch him up and Irving says if it’s resolved, there’s no need. Abbie thanks The Bod for his help–not really saying it out loud, but he tells her she’s welcome.  Then he tells her she needs to see her sister and she confirms that’s where she was going. Abbie arrives at the hospital to discover Jennifer has escaped her room. So now the hunt’s on to find her.

I love the small nuances of The Bod learning about things–he tries an energy drink with Abbie and pronounces it vile (and dreamwalker tea a better alternative). He’s genuinely upset  when he learns about the Native Americans. He disregards all the drama of Abbie and her sister to try to get answers from Jennifer. And he dives right in when he knows Abbie could be on a suicide mission. I love their friendship–he’s all in whether she wants him there or not.

No Clancy visions in the episode, but we did get him in flashbacks. I hope we see Abbie actually dream-talk to him again. I’d like to know what Corbin had to say about the way things went with Jennifer being locked up–whether he ever tried to get Abbie to correct that.

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s new episode, airing at 9/8c on FOX and Global TV.

Photo courtesy of FOX.

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