On Set with Beauty and the Beast’s Kristin Kreuk!

It’s an exciting day for Beasties in the U.S. because Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast starts tonight on The CW, and we have this amazing little feature with Kristin Kreuk to help you count down the hours!

While visiting the Beauty and the Beast set in Toronto, we got to chat with Kristin on the precinct set, and she shared the following insight into the second season:

  • The story picks up 3 months after the finale when Vincent is taken. There somewhat of a flashback element but we won’t see too much. Although eventually we’ll learn what’s happened, it doesn’t happen in the premiere.
  • Kristin said that Catherine is in a “dark dark space” at the start of the season and is consumed with trying to find Vincent. “It’s become her entire life. She hasn’t paid her bills, she hasn’t taken care of anything, her sister hasn’t had the opportunity to tell her about her dad. All of that stuff is up in the air and everyone’s in different places.”
  • We will be learning more about Cat’s lineage this season, Kristin told us emphatically. “It’s going to be a big part of [Season 2]. When Heather finally gets around to telling [Catherine about her father], Catherine’s not really easy to talk to. Basically at this point, she’s shut everyone out of her life, [but] she’ll start to find out. The audience already knows, so there’s this fun thing this season where [the viewers] will know who her dad is and see the role he’s playing in everything. The audience will be able to see these moments that [Cat] won’t be able to recognize.”
  • Most of the cliffhangers from the Season 1 finale will be resolved in the Season 2 premiere, including Muirfield.
  • There’s a lot that’s new about Season 2 and Kristin said that “the entire spine of the show has shifted,” and based on what we learn about what happened to Vincent, “there’s a whole different world that we enter into, which opens up the scope of the show.” She added that in “every episode, we’re dealing with something that has to do with the mythology of the series.”
  • The group dynamic that evolved by the end of the first season will continue, which includes Cat, Tess and JT – plus a surprise addition to the team that we’ll see very quickly in the first episode. The beginning of this season is about “building the new structure of the show and will involve this team, but Vincent will be the one who has changed the most, and we will see what that world looks like.”
  • Heather won’t be part of the story as much this year (Nicole Gale Anderson is also on Ravenswood), but she will play a lot into the beginning with Catherine and “they’ll have an emotional thing.” Heather will see the big change in Cat, “but the thing with Catherine, and she’s always been this way, she’s focused and driven, so it’s easy to blame it on work. Heather also knows Catherine’s patterns of taking emotional experience and squashing it. There’s more stuff that’s happened in the three months that Catherine hasn’t dealt with at all.”
  • Heather will get her chance early on in the season to fill Cat in on their father, but it won’t be in the first episode. It may cause a bit of a rift between the sisters, but it won’t last.
  • Kristin was a bit elusive when asked how soon the Cat / Vincent reunion will take place, and said this season is about Catherine and Vincent being apart. She did tease that they get to fall in love again, so viewers get to experience that, but there will be many obstacles. “Catherine’s real father is trying to actively keep them apart,” but despite the hurdles, Catherine and Vincent still love each other. “They will always have that romantic pull towards one another no matter what’s going on in their lives.”
  • She touched on social media being so vital to the show’s survival and how devoted and active their fanbase is. She did say that even some fans of the 80s series have reached out and said that they are also loving this one. “Without social media, I don’t think we’d be here. I think a lot of the rallying and getting everyone together and creating movements comes from that online space. We are very indebted to them.” She mentioned that there’s not a polarizing dynamic to this fandom and its been a very warm experience.

Photo by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2013 TheTelevixen.com

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