Haven: Lost and Found

In this week’s episode of Haven, “Lost and Found,” Audrey finally makes her way back to Haven – but it doesn’t really go the way anyone expects. Shocker.

But first: our Troubled person of the week is Braer Brock, an infertile man whose preschool principal wife desperately wants a child. Braer hasn’t accepted the fact that their infertility is his fault, biologically, and so when his wife Carmen’s sister-in-law gets pregnant unexpectedly, it triggers his Trouble. This takes the form creatures called Douens that lure Carmen’s favorite children to the clearing in the woods where Braer proposed to her and enchant her to believe that they’re all playing happily, even though the children are about to die of hypothermia. Just in time, Nathan uses his own experience of his son’s death to talk Braer into accepting his infertility, and the Douens disappear so Nathan and Dwight can rescue the children.

Meanwhile, Lexie is still in the fake bar between the worlds, but William warns her that the “barn” is destroying itself and she needs to leave or she’ll die. She needs to find the real door back to Haven, and he can’t help because it was built for her and only she can see it. Jennifer starts hearing Audrey/Lexie again, and she goes with Duke and Nathan to the site of the barn to see if the “connection” is better there, but Duke quickly realizes that Jennifer can only hear the barn when she’s relaxed, and Nathan is anything but relaxing right now. Duke semi-hilariously coaxes Jennifer through a variety of relaxation techniques, including yoga and drinking games, and soon her mind is back open – and Lexie is hearing her too.

Both Jennifer and Lexie use the sound of a foghorn to find the location of the door, but when Lexie opens it on her end, she sees some sort of swirly abyss. William tells her that she has to take a leap of faith to cross it – alone; he’s not coming – and that her friends also need to open the door on their side for her to get through. So that’s not alarming at all. As she opens the door, a door appears on the Haven side – but Dave shows up and threatens to shoot anyone who opens it, saying it could unleash huge, terrible powers. The Guard is there as well, to make sure Audrey kills Nathan, so luckily (?) Jordan is available to take Dave out and Jennifer opens the door. Some sort of energy blast knocks everyone out, and when Nathan comes to, he realizes that Audrey has reappeared. He wakes her up, kisses her, and tries to get her to kill him, going so far as to put a gun in her hand pointed at his chest. But she says she’s not going to kill anyone, and certainly not someone she’s never met – “And who is Audrey? My name is Lexie.” So! That complicates matters.

Even though Audrey doesn’t know who she is, Duke and Nathan both had moments this week that stuck out at me as very revealing of their characters. Duke made it clear that he’s still not really on board with this Audrey-killing-Nathan scenario: at one point he accidentally jokes that they’re all going to live happily ever after, and that’s clearly what he wants. And even when the door opens, he’s still offering to help – and potentially risk his own safety – if Nathan wants to try to get away with Audrey. Nathan, on the other hand, really sees no way out; much as he loves Audrey, what’s consuming him, as he tells Jordan (who is still following him around), are the seventeen lives lost since he shot Howard and therefore caused the Troubles to continue.

I’m really curious to see where they go from here – I suppose Audrey’s memory loss buys them a little time to figure out a solution that doesn’t involve Nathan’s death. I’m glad Audrey’s back in Haven, even though she’s not really “her;” at least it’s a step toward getting the central trio back together, which is when I think the show works best.

(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

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