Sleepy Hollow: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Last week, the kids at Sleepy Hollow celebrated Halloween with a little costume bowling and an impending zombie apocalypse that was circumvented by napalm. They were also visited by the Bones crew, after dropping by fictional DC in the preceding Bones episode (which I didn’t watch, so have no info on).

The Pandora twist this week is that she reanimates the British commander who, a few episodes back, tried to compel Crane to rat out his colleagues. Crane later had the chance to kill him,  but hesitated, and missed his chance when Betsy unleashed the Great Fire of New York to battle a zombie army, and nobody was the wiser. Betsy was the lone rider fleeing New York in the aftermath.

Once the present-day version of the zombie army is defeated, Abbie tells Crane to bite the bullet and date his new historian friend so he calls her, and in painfully awkward Crane fashion, asks her to dinner and she says yes.

Abbie has a chat with Reynolds where he dangles a convoluted task force case opportunity in front of her (again, not feeling this relationship). It’s related to the trafficking of stolen antiquities, which is right up her alley, but the job offer hits a rather large speed bump when his intel on the leading importer turns up ties to Jenny and Joe, who have been working on their own to backtrack to whomever the head guy is that came after the shard/orb. So now Abbie had to decide what information she wants to share.

Pandora is rather matter-of-fact about her latest defeat and just keeps growing her black roses, so I genuinely have no idea what her bent is about Crane and Abbie (aside from general Witness business). That said, I will not be at all surprised if we find out she ties back in some way to Betsy, who’s been omnipresent this season the same way select figures (i.e. Franklin and Jefferson) have been in prior seasons.

I’d like to know for sure how many episodes we have for S3. Ratings are up (yay!) which I hope means whatever it’s supposed to mean to keep FOX happy.

Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX in the U.S., and 9 e/p on CTV two in Canada.

Here are a few sneak peeks of tonight’s episode, “This Red Lady from Caribee,” written by Haven alumnus Shernold Edwards.




Photo and Videos Courtesy of FOX

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