The Romeo Section Preview: Fragrant Harbour

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Tonight on The Romeo Section, new alliances are cemented and old ones are questioned. We also get a quick visit from Motive‘s Louis Ferreira, who takes a meeting that is hilariously loaded with suggestion and manipulation where nobody really agrees to anything but there are several mentions of what they might agree to under the right circumstances. It’s a dialogue chess match that amused me greatly.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dee continues her spiral — and we get a glimpse of fan favorite Vancouver locale 2400 Motel. Rufus asks Wolf for help and while Wolf tells him his idea is a really bad one, he also tells him exactly how to take care of things, down to how many people to put on the job.

Also look for:

  • Wolf to exercise more expert passive-aggressive enablement with a potential new Chinese source, and Eva, who balks a bit about working Miguel and then rethinks her hesitation.
  • Vince and Wing Lei to take steps to bring their shipment into Vancouver.
  • The General to recognize Vince, which makes Wing Lei unhappy (and I’m guessing, even more dangerous).
  • Lily’s Vancouver backstory to be revealed.
  • Wolf and Lily to continue their friendship.
  • Wolf to liaise with his former handler, who makes some suggestions about who might actually be leading that new friendship.

It’s another strong hour, and the episode is the first of the back half of the season — only three episodes left after tonight. Too soon!

The Romeo Section airs at 9 e/p on the CBC. Here’s a sneak peek of “Fragrant Harbour.”



Photo and Video Courtesy of CBC

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