Robot Chicken at New York Comic Con 2011

Robot Chicken marks its triumphant return to our TV sets tonight with Season 5.5, and last weekend, was at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Silly Hat Club – a.k.a. The Robot Chicken panel – at New York Comic Con! Last year, the RC panel was a major highlight for us, so we were stoked to see them again!

This year’s panel included Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Clare Grant, Doug Goldstein, Kevin Shinick, DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, and The Return of the Mac – Macaulay Culkin! And I have to concur with Seth Green’s sentiment on returning to NYCC: “We are amongst our people!”

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s panel:

-As you know, Season 5.5 begins on October 23rd, culminating in RC‘s 100th episode this January … and Bitch Puddin’ will be back for that one!
-The montage they showed for 5.5 included The Flintstones, Precious, Cats, Green Lantern, Harry Potter and Master Chief from Halo.
-October 25th marks the release of the Season 5 DVDs (including the ones that are airing as part of 5.5). The DVDs include 9 unaired episodes, over 30 hours of extras, and two sketches that weren’t allowed to air – a Beavis and Butthead join the Teen Titans, and an Archie/Final Destination mashup!
-In the same vein as their Star Wars specials, they’ve got a new one coming up, RC/DC, Robot Chicken’s take on the world of DC Comics.
-They showed a hysterical Superman sketch with Clark/Superman and Lois Lane fighting over setting the DVR.
-Seth received a gift, himself as a stuffed doll, which ended up part of a “sexy pose” between Seth and Mac!

I’m already counting down until next year’s meeting of the Silly Hat Club – here’s hoping both them and Team Televixen return to NYCC in 2012!

Oh, and coming up, our NYCC Robot Chicken photo gallery! Be sure to look out for that soon!

Photo by Sheryl DaSilva – Copyright © 2011

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