Drama Goes Round and Round on Ringer

We’ve had wackadoodle shenanigans on the last three episodes of Ringer, so let’s recap where our characters stand during this week’s break from new episodes.

Bridget—cornered by Gemma, she confesses her identity and then Gemma promptly disappears in a bloody mess that idiot Henry (who still is fuzzy on “it’s over”) thinks she (as Siobhan) had a hand in. She’s also a good stepmom to Juliet, helping her make better decisions, like surrendering her stash. This leads her to a new equally yummy NA sponsor. She celebrates her birthday with a note-perfect intimate bash thrown by Andrew to make up for the birthday the year prior, which Siobhan actually orchestrated to shag Henry in the Hamptons. She also implicates herself in Gemma’s disappearance when Machado plants the seed that Bridget’s prints were found.

Siobhan—is a bit frantic in Paris without her money and she sets her sights on an accountant/lawyer who pays her hotel bill, beds her, and then unwittingly provides documents detailing Andrew’s banking activities. We also get a little backstory that Bridget and Siobhan shared a birthday necklace, alternating years until six years earlier when Siobhan threw it at Bridget and said she didn’t want in anymore and then Bridget mailed it to back her last year.

Henry—is still idling in flashbackville about his affair with Siobhan. We find out that they were very hot and very heavy and she was ready to cut Andrew and Gemma loose, breathing or not. He’s not entirely convincing when he accuses Siobhan/Bridget of doing in his wife after cleaning up the crime scene and ditching Gemma’s SUV.

Andrew—is in bliss with this new version of his old wife and so far is doing all the right things, which immediately makes me suspect him of something. He ought to clue in at some point that the supposedly fearless Siobhan is now perpetually terrified.

Juliet—her arc is a bit of yawn as the new rich girl in the public school, but since it opened the door for Jason Dohring to guest as her gorgeous teacher, I’ll accept it.

Gemma—the poor dear overhears Henry talking about his baby with Siobhan and slaps the crap out of Bridget and threatens to loop Andrew until Bridget confesses, after earlier confessing as Siobhan that Bridget even existed. Got that? Then she and Bridget bond a bit before, by all accounts, she gets done in and Siobhan get a confirmation phone call that the “Gemma problem” has been taken care of.

Malcolm—Bodeway’s still working him over, which is so very no bueno.

Machado—gets audio of the Coast Guard distress call from the boat and video of “Siobhan” fetching Bridget’s bag from the bus station (which is pretty much Christmas for him) so he goes back to interrogate Siobhan again and still gets nowhere, but he’s intrigued to find Malcolm’s number in her cell phone.

Whew. Take a breath, y’all. And we’re only six episodes in! I’m still enjoying the show, but some of the OMG-ness is a bit Gossip Girl territory, which is fine if that works for you. SMG is still busting her butt. I would like Andrew to find out fairly soon since he seems in the very least brighter than Henry, who I can’t believe doesn’t see it yet. And we don’t know who Siobhan’s mystery caller is, either. New episodes return next week, and the series got a full pick up we’ll 16 more puzzle piece episodes.

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