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Tonight, Lost Girl returns with a new episode, so it’s the perfect time to review what’s happened so far in Season 2!

In the first episode, “Something Wicked This Fae Comes” (my absolute fave so far this season), we see the Light Fae are vulnerable because The Ash is in a coma following the attack orchestrated by Bo’s succu-mama Aiofe/Saskia. His bond with the land has been weakened, and unaligned fae called Sluagh – who are cursed to wander the earth without rest or a home – are trying to use this to their advantage. The unaligned fae are disguised as travelling freak show folk, and are trying to find a special sword to access the Heart Stone, which will allow them to form a bond with the land. A man – later revealed to be a Doonie Fae – is flayed for the map he has tattooed on the inside of his skin. Another victim surfaces later on that had the sword embedded in his body. At a rave, the leader of these circus freaks, Zale, attempts to ritually bang this woman in white, who just happens to be the physical form of the bond with the land that was released from the Heart Stone. But Bo thwarts his plan, and the Sluagh will continue to be forced to wander.

Dyson’s been missing, Hale doesn’t know where he is, and Bo’s pissed that he hasn’t tried to contact her. He turns up after getting arrested for fighting. Says he was off licking his wounds. (Tee hee – get it? Because he’s a wolf!) Although Dyson and Bo share one of the most epic kisses ever, and he helps her fight against the Sluagh, a happy ending is not in store for them. In what has to be one of my favourite scenes in any series EVER, Dyson tells Bo what the Norn took from him in exchange for helping Bo when she was fighting Aiofe. He thought he’d be giving up his wolf, but the Norn instead took his love for Bo, and said he would never feel passion for her again. This confession was so intense, and totally ripped my heart out. Neither Dyson nor Bo realized exactly what they had until it was gone.

Lauren is exhausted and sleep deprived from caring for a comatose Ash. She admits to Bo that she can’t trust anyone else to take care of him. Bo forces Lauren to relax for a few moments. It’s a tender scene, with Bo feeding and caring for Lauren. You can really see their bond, and although many would hope for a lustier interaction between these ladies, I like that it’s more tender and loving.

The interim Ash in this episode was a bumbling idiot – and a traitor – which leads to the main event in the second episode. More on that in a bit.

The episode ends with the creepy little girl that kept popping up warning Bo that something big and bad and old is coming. We haven’t seen Wednesday Adams again so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes another appearance at some point soon.

In Episode 2, “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)”, higher powers come in and declare a new Ash be selected. Among the contenders are Hale (or Haley … hee hee) and a new face, Lachlan. How does one become the new Ash? By stag hunt, of course! Although by “killing a stag” they actually mean a light fae woman, Sabine, that’s been imprisoned for nearly a century because she fell in love with the wrong man – a member of the dark fae, Hamish. Her dying wish is to see Hamish once again, and Bo vows to help Sabine. Lachlan becomes the new Ash after killing Sabine, but Lauren helps Bo bring her back to life, and Sabine leaves with her love. Lachlan knows that Sabine is still alive, but lets it slide.

I’d say that Episode 3, “Scream a Little Dream” was perhaps the least uneventful episode this season. A Sandman and a Mare come into the picture and take over an entire building of people. The idea behind this was probably far greater than the execution of it. I could have done with it being on the more frightening side, as there was the potential with the whole sleep deprivation/don’t fall asleep angle. Bo has a dream about Dyson that turns bad, and that was kind of cool, but the rest fell flat – although I do like the idea of having a Brownie to clean up my place! With the season being longer, I guess we’ll have to expect a few of these filler-type episodes.

In Episode 4, “Mirror Mirror”, Kenzi decides to try and make Dyson pay for what he’s done to Bo by summoning Baba Yaga, an Eastern European fae hag that preys on young women who want vengeance against men who have wronged them. Baba Yaga’s price is very high to pay – imprisonment in her realm that ends with her noshing on your bones. Yes, I know Bo isn’t dealing well with what’s happened between her and Dyson, and Kenzi is just trying to be the good sister by trying to get payback for Bo, but they keep forgetting that DYSON SACRIFICED HIS LOVE FOR BO TO THE NORN TO HELP BO BATTLE HER MOTHER! I really don’t think Kenzi, or Bo for that matter, should want to punish Dyson. The episode does serve a purpose, though – it shows the strong bond between Bo & Kenzi is, like sisters, and how Bo would do anything for her best friend. It also suggests that Bo feels that Kenzi is all she has left that she loves, especially since she’s lost Dyson and Lauren is being kept from her by the new Ash.

“BrotherFae of the Wolves” finally brings us some of Dyson’s backstory and the long awaited flashbacks that Kris Holden-Ried teased back in the summer. We learn about his Scottish roots when an old friend, Cayden (or as Kenzi calls him, “Benicio del Lobo”), comes into the picture. We see his first encounter with the Norn to save his friend Stefan’s life; she asks for his Wolf as payment, which he refuses, and it’s revealed that Dyson left his old life because the King that he served killed Stefan so he could have Stefan’s wife Keira as his own. Keira was very special to Dyson, but he proves that although he doesn’t always follow the rules, he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and leaves the pack.

Cayden has come to town to hunt down what I think is one of the most laughable foes ever on this series, the Mongolian Death Worm. Sounds scary, right? Well, not really. It’s an old lady with deadly powers that are kept in check by a portable TV. But apparently she’s the weapon of mass destruction that fae are willing to spend millions on to possess. In an attempt to learn information about the Mongolian Death Worm (before her form is revealed), Bo is injured by a dark fae weapons dealer, and what better way to heal than sleeping with Dyson’s buddy Cayden. OK, I know that Bo only did it to recuperate, but it kind of bothered me although it didn’t seem to bother any of the characters. Yes, I know this is her nature and she’s required to feed on sexual energy to heal, but I would have rather seen her hook up with someone random. Oh, and near the end of the episode, Dyson’s old love, Keira, comes back into the picture. Dyson is clearly delighted to have Keira back in his life, and Bo looks jealous as all heck! I know many hope this will drive Bo into Lauren’s arms, but I’d also like to see Dyson start to feel something for Bo again and be tortured by having to choose between Bo and Keira.

Speaking of Lauren, she escapes from The Ash in this ep and runs to Bo for sanctuary. This of course leads to more longing glances and tender verbal exchanges, but no Bo/Lauren cuddle sessions!

I really enjoyed parts of that last episode, especially when Dyson tells Cayden that he has a new “pack” – i.e. Bo, Kenzi, Hale, Lauren and Trick. I also thought it was a nice touch for Bo to hose down Dyson and Cayden at the beginning of the episode, especially since Dyson was wearing a white shirt, which he was “forced” to remove after it got wet :p And it was neat to learn that Kenzi and I both share a love of Cherry Coke!

I know we’ve barely scratched the surface on this season, so I still have many questions. I need to know more about Lauren and why she is indebted to The Ash. I’m also curious to see if what appears as sexual tension between Bo and Lachlan is all in my head, or if my hunch is correct. And goshdarnit I’m still certain that Aiofe is not gone for good, and she’s going to rear her beautiful yet ugly head around the bend soon.

Emmanuelle Vaugier returns as The Morrigan in tonight’s episode, “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away”! From the sound of it, The Morrigan goes to Bo for help in exchange for info on how to break The Ash’s hold on Lauren. Wheee!

What do you think of Season 2 so far? What questions do you most want answers to?

*Update: the new episode of Lost Girl did not air on October 23rd. It is now set to air on Sunday October 30th.

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  1. i see

    the strange part is i usually get the update a few days after it airs and i have not been notified of any new episodes. apparently episode six aired on 30/10/2011?

    its just really frustrating because i love the show and i cant understand why such a long break needed to be taken and then still take so long for me to get the episode.

    lol I am going batty without it

  2. i have a really bad feeling like the whole lauren and bo thing is gonna crash and burn, even though i loved that they finally got together. i wish the writers would have given them more of a “relationship” type feel like for a few episodes. sad times

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