Ringer: It Just Got Normal

So it had been long enough that I had to go back in time and recall whether we’d actually seen all of the things referred to in Ringer’s return last week before the hiatus, and it turns out we saw *some* of them, but skated right past the turn of the new year. We pick up with a still deliriously in love and happy Bridget (as Siobhan) and Andrew, a still pregnant, miserable, guilty (for shooting Charlie) and stuck-in-New York Siobhan, a secret-keeping Juliet, and a grieving Henry because Gemma is in fact dead.

Bridget finds out Siobhan had been busted about her relationship with Henry by a close girlfriend, Greer (Madchen Amick), who found them together at a hotel in Boston. That discovery led to the end of Greer’s friendship with both Siobhan and Gemma, but Greer kept her secret. Bridget tries to make up for Siobhan’s behavior and gets roped into a charity event for Juliet’s school that brings Mr. Carpenter to the house for a party.

That sets up a rather explosive chain of events where Juliet gets loaded, Bridget confronts her, and Juliet tells her what (supposedly) happened. Bridget’s ill-timed response is to march back into the party and punch Carpenter, and part of me wondered if SMG had been aching to hit somebody. 🙂 Juliet’s response is horror that that she’s been outed. Andrew beats himself up that he missed it and is thankful that Bridget didn’t. But we still have no proof that Carpenter did anything and if he didn’t, I hope Juliet gets a reciprocal smackdown from Bridget.

Andrew is busy with work and still enthralled with his not-wife when his actual wife sneaks into the apartment and spies them all loved up and Bridget toting a new diamond. When Bridget steps into the shower, Siobhan pockets the ring and Bridget later lies to Andrew when she finds that it’s missing. The Plot Device there is that she needed to have it resized because it was too big for her hand, so that’s what she tells Andrew when he asks her why she isn’t wearing it.

Siobhan tries to sneak Andrew’s computer password at work and is shut down, and then her boy toy (who is back in Paris and now thinks he’s the baby daddy) suggests she try the home computer, which is why she’s in the apartment later. She’s annoyed to find her name is the new password but keeps on task and loads a thumb drive with files before she leaves. She also confronts Henry on the street and acts squirrely enough that he agrees to see her later. Then he has a run in with Bridget at the party, where she denies everything. Siobhan later shows up at his front door and he rightly asks WTH, woman!

Machado realizes Bridget and Charlie were in the Hamptons at the same time and then realizes Siobhan had the relationship with him, not Bridget, so that’s about to bust out. He’s also still being led to think Bridget killed Gemma. Malcolm has a few token scenes and when he saves a meeting for Andrew, at Bridget’s suggestion, he finds that he may have angled into a new permagig. Go, Malcolm!

Bridget also cuts her bangs, so we have a clear idea of who’s who in New York, although the editing was goofy because Bridget’s hair was uncut in the last scene, where I’m pretty sure she was Bridget because Siobhan was at Henry’s. Just saying.

And that’s our setup going into this week’s new episode, where it looks like Andrew is a none-too-happy camper about something. I’m glad they’re back. I had actually started to look for the show a few weeks ago and was surprised it had been pushed back. I’m curious to see where they go now that Siobhan is in the same city with Bridget and Bridget seems to have found peace in a life she couldn’t get away from fast enough.

Ringer airs on The CW in the US at 9 pm ET on Tuesdays, and on Global in Canada at 10 pm ET on Fridays.

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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