Revenge: Commitment

Well, Emily finds herself way in over head when she sets up Amanda and it backfires mightily, getting Jack a beatdown in the process. We also got a reveal that I didn’t expect—Victoria’s attorney, Ryan, who was David’s attorney all those years ago, has been in cahoots with Emily all along. LOVE it! Lots of goings on here and there, so I’ll jump around a bit to get to it all.

First, the engagement is ON. In a very charming and surprisingly sort of hot scene, Daniel arranges a string quartet and candlelight meal on the deck of the ship where he and Emily first met. He launches into his proposal just as it starts to bucket rain. Emily laughs and he says he’s not stopping, and he doesn’t. On bended knee and holding an umbrella, he barrels through all the reasons he wants to spend the rest f his life with her and she says yes and the fall into a soaking wet kiss.

They go home to Grayson Manor and Victoria none-too-happily spies the ring. Emily goes back to her house and sits with all the windows open when Charlotte comes in on her, tearful and looking for Daniel and really, really upset because Conrad kicked her back to her mother’s after getting confirmation that she’s not his child. Conrad really seems to flip a switch there that he’s OK with Charlotte getting outed if Victoria doesn’t take his divorce deal.

She’s sympathetic for about a minute and a half until she tells Daniel that Charlotte is David’s child and implies heavily enough, and Daniel finishes the unpsoken suggestion, that David raped her. He takes this tidbit home to Emily, who was this close to abandoning the proposal and putting a pin in her subterfuge, but when she hears that duplicitous piece of news, she instead asks him if June works for the wedding. It is ON, y’all.

On the Jack and Amanda front, Emily stashes the tapes from Treadwell’s house in Amanda’s bag at Jack’s house and then Victoria sends a goon to get them (after she’s spoon fed the idea that Amanda was behind the fire). Jack walks in mid-burglary and the guy just wails on Jack, kicking him after he hits the floor. Emily goes to see him and quietly apologies to him while he’s out cold on the bed. Amanda comes in and finds her there and they have a heart-to-heart about how David was framed and everything in Emily’s plan has gone to hell, although Emily leaves out that she planted the tapes. Emily sends Amanda packing and Amanda fakes a note (or Emily writes it for her, not clear) saying goodbye. Jack wakes up to Declan telling him that Amanda has bailed and we spy one leftover tape under the bed.

As for Charlotte and Declan, pre-Victoria blowout, Conrad offers to send Declan to school with Charlotte and Declan says yes. We can assume that’s no longer on the table, but we don’t hear that for sure.

Ryan is revealed to be a good guy when he fakes blood test results that show Amanda to be related to Charlotte. This comes about after Victoria invites Amanda to tea and Amanda deftly dances around her interrogation but leaves her DNA on a spoon. Ryan also removes himself from Victoria’s case after Charlotte’s paternity is confirmed.

And that’s our setup for February sweeps as we dive into the events of the pilot good and proper. Finally!

As I said before, I’m ready to get on with the engagement party and its aftermath. The show’s a hit and we’re pretty much guaranteed a second season, so I want to see what the show can do beyond the setup for the pilot.

Revenge airs at 10 pm ET Tuesday on ABC in the U.S. and 10 pm ET Wednesday on CityTV in Canada.

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