Oren Peli on his new TV Series The River (Video)

Last night, Toronto was treated to an advance screening of new series The River … which included a brief Q&A afterward with series creator Oren Peli. We were lucky enough to attend, and want to share this video of the Q&A. Please note, there are some minor spoilers, but if you’ve seen most of the promos for the series so far, you should be OK.

As for the episodes we saw last night, they were really entertaining. The series has just the right amount of scary/creepy, the Amazon setting is breathtaking, and the story is compelling. Parts of it even reminded me of early Lost (before we knew what Smokey really was). My only complaint … the dialogue was a bit too cliche and unnatural, considering this is supposed to be documentary-type footage. And the male protagonist that we’re supposed to care for, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), is kind of whiny. But at the end of it all, I wanted more and really can’t wait to see the next episode.

Make sure you’re tuned in at 9/8c tonight for the series premiere of The River – on CTV in Canada, and ABC in the US!

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Photo Courtesy of CTV

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