Revenge “Intuition” and “Forgiveness”

Oh, the drama!

The last two episodes of Revenge have sort of hovered around Dynasty/Dallas/Knots Landing territory, and that’s not a dig. I’ll break it down by characters and relationship because otherwise this would be wicked long(er).

Victoria welcomes Amanda so much into the fold that she throws her a baby shower. Amanda responds by bring some of her streetwise gal pals, wearing a wire, and toting a faux journal. She and Victoria argue as Emily baits by earpiece, and then Victoria blurts out  at the exact moment that Emily can’t hear it that David faked her mother’s death because she had tried to kill her. Then Amanda falls backward over the balcony and lands on her back on the tile floor below.

Amanda is rushed to the hospital, her baby boy is delivered, and then she lapses into a coma, until she doesn’t, and seemingly bearing no injuries from her splat, wakes up in the hospital to find her son healthy and Jack a doting father and maybe on-again boyfriend. Oh, and Kara is on the visitor’s list.

Aidan runs a number on Daniel to get a little more info ostensibly on behalf of Takeda but really for Emily and then he catches wind that there’s a wrinkle with Nolan. He also spends a platonic but sweet (and offscreen – WTH?) night on the couch with Emily comforting her after Amanda’s fall and Kara’s arrival, but she quickly shuts him down that he was merely right place, right time.

Nolan is wooing his CFO Padma and she may actually be up to something. She starts digging around about the David Clarke check and then stupidly (or maybe intentionally) puts that on the radar at Grayson Global, which could be a problem because they could own a piece of Nolcorp if Clarke wrote the check while in their employ. Emily tips Nolan to this, but unfortunately not until the morning after he’s slept with Padma (again, offscreen – WTH?).

Jack is a jumble of emotions after Amanda’s fall and his son’s birth, and that’s not helped by the shenanigans at the bar. He gets into bed with Kenny to speed along repairs but we know that’s going to bite him. We are so getting an “Oh my God, they killed Kenny” joke before this season is over. (And P.S. why isn’t Nolan just bailing them out of this mess already?)

Kara gets the drop on Aidan at the motel and then hears the news about Amanda’s fall so she shows up at the hospital to sit with her while she’s still in a coma–which Emily sees, sending her into a bit of a tailspin (see above, re: Aidan). Then she shows up at the Graysons and takes Victoria into a big hug. It would seem that Victoria was in on Kara’s disappearance but we find out when she makes a quick panicked “COME HOME NOW” call to Conrad that wasn’t the case. Kara also refers to Gordon as her true love so there’s more to tell there. I look forward to those flashbacks because I love James Morrison. As for her scenes with Madeleine Stowe, they’re on a slow simmer and I’m looking forward to seeing them throw down when the gloves come off. She also has a sweet scene with Amanda where she apologizes for trying to kill her and says she’ll understand if Amanda wants her gone (which Emily has asked her to suggest/affirm).

Emily finally shows her emotional side when she remembers that Kara tried to drown her and her dad saved her. She’s torn about how to feel about what both her parents did and how she was raised to remember both of them. And then when she sees Kara at Amanda’s bedside saying “Mommy’s here,” it all just comes crashing down around her. She genuinely steps in to keep Kara away from Amanda and the baby over fear for their safety. And she has a creepy drive home with Kara where she gets a little bit of info out of her, quantifying that David was her first love. I also think the jig is up there that Kara would know which one of the girls is really her daughter. But maybe in the fog of her illness, she doesn’t. When Nolan shows up at Emily’s after being shut out and tells her his dad died, she realizes she sucks in the friend department. So, her humanity is showing. I like it.

Daniel is still sleeping with Ashley (onscreen–WTH?) even though he knows she’s he’s dad’s spy. He’s blunt with Aidan about the state of Grayson Global and when Aidan brings him the possible ramifications of the Clarke investment into Nolcorp, you can see him plotting. I’m not sure if they’re working on making Daniel a big bad. They have a ways to go yet before I buy it.

Declan gets a visit from Kenny and they seemingly bond over Declan being a dumb twit because he thought robbing people would get him the money he needed to go to college. There’s a whole lot of “Warning, Warning” all over that friendship. Just saying.

Conrad has a meeting with an Initiative rep (Wendy Crewson!) because they all still think Gordon is in play somewhere. He reports back to Victoria and they somehow come up with the brilliant plan tor remarry because that ensures they can’t go to court against each other. So, a wedding!

Charlotte doesn’t have much to do to do in either episode but she does finally have a daggerless chat with Declan when he shows up at the hospital, and she’s staying clean, so there’s that.

Revenge is back tonight at 9 pm/8c tonight on ABC and City TV with an all-new episode (and maybe a wedding!)

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