A Republic of Doyle Season 4 Premiere Chat!

Last Sunday was the Season 4 premiere of Republic of Doyle and it’s only fitting that this site’s three ROD fans get together and chat about everything that went down.

You can listen to our full conversation below, but here are a few topics of conversation:

1 – The Deceptive Des Death Fake-out of 2013

2 – Police Cadet Katrina Doyle on Operation Daddy Discovery

3 – Jake’s Irish Kin (Lee wonders about Uncle Gerald and Cousin Rory, and although we couldn’t recall at that time if it was mentioned or not, their surname is Bryne. Also, since this was recorded, both have been added to the IMDB entry for this episode.)

4 – What is going on with Leslie Bennett?

If you enjoyed this and would like more, let us know by commenting below and we’ll plan another one in a few more episodes!

Photo Courtesy of CBC

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