Revenge “Power”

Revenge bounded back early from winter break with a brand new episode last week. In case you missed it, here’s what you should know before tonight’s episode:

Emily is in bed with Victoria now in a plan to keep Daniel away from the Initiative. This involves Emily winding Daniel up a bit and very publicly faux breaking up with Aiden in the middle of a restaurant while Daniel and Conrad are sitting right outside on the patio. Nolan even buys it for a minute until Aiden hilarious pops up at Emily’s and she explains that it’s all a ruse.

She also gets to mark another person off her season one list with a judge (and now potential supreme court nominee) who had a hand in the jury tampering mentioned last season. He’s at the Graysons to help their cause in rebuilding Conrad’s reputation until Emily realizes he’s beating his wife and empowers her to go public in the middle of a benefit.

Daniel gets a call from the Initiative telling him look deeper into Grayson Global, so he asks Nolan to dig, and then the Initiative lets him know that Nolan was their actual target. So trouble’s brewing there. Nolan’s also having to deal with Marco, who’s suddenly very eager to make nice (in more ways than one). Danger, Will Robinson! Sidebar: We haven’t seen Padma but Nolan indicates she’s still around.

The poor dumb Porter brothers find out they’re being used to run smack through the bar and go out of their league (again, without Nolan) to try to get the drop on the Ryan brothers, and it backfires, turning up drugs on the Amanda, for which Jack takes the fall.

As for Victoria and Conrad, they’re still dancing as fast as they can, and when the judge’s wife takes off her jacket to reveal all her bruises, Grayson quickly denounces his friendship with the judge, helping his character rebuilding agenda.

Aiden takes a meeting with the Initiative after Nolan catches video footage of how to call in.  Turns out they have his sister (which, I think, is new news–I didn’t think the Russians in the flashback episode=Initiaive, but maybe I missed that) and they want him to play nice on some TBD task to keep her safe. He does not tell Emily about any of this.

So, we’re trucking right along. I seriously hope we resolve the Porter thing soon. It feels like a shoehorn to keep them in the show and when you have pros like Nolan and Emily on standby, why would you really put up with this?

Tonight’s new episode, “Sabotage,” airs at 9 pm E/8 pm C on ABC and CityTV.

Photo credit: ABC/Vivian Zink


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