Republic of Doyle Round Table: Blood Work

In our Republic of Doyle Round Table for “Blood Work”,  here are some thoughts from Heather M. and I on last week’s episode!

Heather’s Nickel:

Yay! I called it on Leslie being undercover. I did not, however, call it on her laying one (or four) on Jake in front of God and everybody in the bar. And Jake certainly didn’t know what to make of it, either. My only ding-ding-ding moment there was that the other waitress saw them together and then saw Jake come back later to threaten her boss, so that’s going to get sticky at some point.

LOVED the “minding of Des” and both Mal and Jake inadvertently, consistently putting him in harm’s way. Can we please stop hitting Jake with bats? And if we’re going to go to the trouble to get him wet and interrogate him, does he need his shirt? Just asking. (Kidding. I fast forwarded through that whole scene. Jumper cables showing up nowhere near a car in need of a jump is usually a sign I can skip something.)

Last thought is that casting was a giveaway. I loved Erin Karpluk but I knew they wouldn’t run her up to St. John’s without her having a key role in the case. It was amusing to watch her spin tale upon tale of what she was “really” doing. It’s a bad idea to punk Mal and Rose, honey.

As for Tinny – I hope she nuts up and confronts her dad soon. I want to see her go toe to toe with him.

My Five Cents:

Until we saw Leslie in line at the methadone clinic, I wasn’t sure if she was working undercover or dealing with family issues. I think it really could have gone either way. I do like the path that it is going down because we’re likely going to see an edgier Leslie than we have in the past. I’m glad that Jake knows what she’s up to – that’s the kind of reveal that wouldn’t have been wise to drag out.

While Des continues to be the main source of laughs each week, I like how he’s become such a smart, valuable and at times, quick thinking member of the team.

As someone who misses Being Erica something fierce, I was happy to see Erin Karpluk in this episode. Can someone cast her in a series regular role somewhere soon?

I’m not sure what Tinny’s playing at with her dad, but I can see that the line between being a cop and being a PI is fuzzy for her. I don’t know if her loyalty to the Doyle family business is going to get in the way of her becoming a police officer, but they’re definitely doing a good job of keeping her attention divided.

We got to meet Taylor Gossard, who is going to be an ongoing problem this season. To me, he didn’t come across as the scariest foe for Jake and Co. as of yet, but things are probably going to get more intense, and I predict a major standoff at some point, likely with Leslie caught in the crossfire.

Oh, and the “new” GTO – I know that it takes time to restore a car like that, but I hope that they don’t keep using its poor condition for some quick laughs.

Your thoughts?

So what did all of you think of “Blood Work”? Had you correctly guessed what Leslie was up to? Do you want to see that confrontation between Tinny and her dad sooner rather than later? Are you scared that we haven’t seen Taylor Gossard’s full frightening potential yet? And will this GTO ever be as pretty as her predecessor?

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