Republic of Doyle is Coming to America

Here at The Televixen, we’re pretty shameless in our adoration of Mr. Allan Hawco and Republic of Doyle, so it gives us great pleasure to tell you that starting this weekend, the show will FINALLY arrive in the United States, airing in syndication around the country beginning with season one. Check your local listings for airtimes and channels! This is fabulous news for a show that’s already widely distributed around the globe but hadn’t yet crossed into the U.S. (through official channels). Tell your friends! Tell complete strangers! Click here to read three years of our coverage!

So, what is Republic of Doyle? The short answer is that it’s a father-son family drama/PI procedural set in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The long answer is that it’s funny, charming, and very well written and acted. It’s picture-postcard pretty the same way Haven (which films in Halifax) is, and in the case of this show, Newfoundland native son (and triple threat producer/writer/actor) Allan Hawco did his homeland a solid by bringing the show to his old hood, and introducing its people and places to the world.

It’s a lot of fun to watch, and there’s nothing quite like it on American TV. I’m so glad U.S. audiences will finally meet the Doyles.

And that’s not all of our good news! If you’re in Canada, season five (can you believe it?) begins Wednesday, October 2nd on CBC!

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