Contest! Lost Girl Season 2 Finale Predictions!

The Season 2 Finale of Lost Girl is less than a week away, and Faenatics, we’ve got a fun little contest for you.

We’ve got some awesome Lost Girl t-shirts to give away, courtesy of Showcase and Prodigy Pictures!

What do you have to do to enter? Simply share 1 (one) prediction that you have for the season finale in the comments below, and be sure to include your shirt size (S, M, L, XL, 2XL).

We’ll pick 5 winners at random from everyone who enters. Limit of one entry per person. Contest ends at 9pm ET on Sunday April 1st.

And for fans who haven’t seen Season 2 as of yet, never fear – we’ll have a contest very soon for you as well!

Congratulations to our winners: Aeryn, Amber, Rebecca, Marilyn and Isabel! And a special thanks to everyone who entered!


30 thoughts on “Contest! Lost Girl Season 2 Finale Predictions!

  1. I think either Lauren or Kenzi will be put in mortal danger which will trigger Bo’s super succubus to save them.

  2. Bo will face the Garuda and go all super dark succubus, with the help of her peers ( we all know who they are) and with this fight, Bo loses control and either death, injury or tradegy is to come.

  3. I think Vex will push Bo into super succubus mode and Kenzie gets a little taste of fae power. 2XL please

  4. I predict another super-Bo succubus moment where she sucks chi from multiple ppl/fae at once…
    Also think Bo will have the chance to choose between Dyson and Lauren


  5. Bo tells Lauren she loves her JUST BEFORE she finds out why Dyson seems his old self ( ie has love back). Size small

  6. Vex plays dirty as expected and nearly get the team killed but causes Bo to turn into Supersuccubus to save them.

    Size M

  7. Bo will transform into Super Bo and things will get out of control, after she defeats the Garuda Dyson has to save her from herself.
    Size S

  8. The Garuda will use Trick, maybe that’s why Bo had this vision of her killing Trick. But she’s not going to kill him.
    And the love triangle is back again 😉

  9. Something horrible is gonna happen to kenzi,because of her incident at the Norn(She hadn’t shown her hands since then)
    Bo and Dyson will get back together(probably in Se.3)
    The Morrigan will help Bo defeat the Garuda

    Size:L 🙂

  10. So…. I think that Bo will try a big plan with her blood face to the Garuda which is her father (the dark lord mention in season 1).
    A new transition for Kenzi… a fae power but not really a good one and I think that her life is in danger
    Bo will discover Dyson’s love back towards the end of season 2 … for a great beginning of Season 3
    Lauren will be very close to Bo until she become a crazy girl (related to her blood)…
    Size : M

  11. In order to defeat the Garuda Bo will need to channel her dark succubus powers. She’ll kill the Garuda but lose control, putting those she loves in danger around her.

    size M please!

  12. I suspect the Morrigan will finally use the “future favour” that Kenzi owes her due to the exchange Kenzi made in return for Nate’s life. With the Morrigan being ticked off at Bo this last episode, I have a feeling she will try to pit Kenzi and Bo against each other. We will also find out what Kenzi had to trade the Norn when she broke that green bottle and the Norn said “a gift has been given.” The norn doesn’t give “gifts” and she was already giving Kenzi Dyson’s love back, so Kenzi must have had to trade something. It’s the “you break it, you buy it” mentality.

    Shirt size: M

  13. Bo will betray her team of friends by accident because of her immense power, causing a new potential enemy to arise.

    Size M

  14. I think that Bo will go super succubus and kill the Garuda but that shadowy thing that was released by Kenzi will be the ‘evil’ for next season. In the middle of the battle it will somehow take a hold of Bo and make her dark side come out.
    Size S

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