Season 1 of Lost Girl is FINALLY Coming to DVD!

In less than a month, Season 1 of Lost Girl finally makes its way to DVD!

At the Season 2 Finale Pre-Show taping this past Sunday, I asked Executive Producer Jay Firestone if there was any word on a DVD release date yet, and he was happy to announce that it was being released at long last! He had thought it was coming out the week of April 16th, but according to major Canadian retailers, mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 24th.

No word yet on whether there will be any extras included the Season 1 set.

But we do know that there won’t be any blooper reels on this one, according to Lost Girl‘s production team. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for some bloopers on future DVD releases!

A US release should happen within a couple of weeks following the Canadian release … I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get word on it!

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