Girl Power – A One on One With Lost Girl’s Ksenia Solo

Lost Girl fans … as promised, we are going to have some real treats for you leading up to the Season 2 finale on Sunday, April 1st, and here’s our official kick-off – a one on one with Kenzi herself, the queen of the quip, Ksenia Solo!

In the last episode, a battle was lost, but the war is just beginning.

Yes, now everything gets really juicy.

This season has been more physically demanding on you, wouldn’t you say?

I agree, but you know, I love all that stuff. I love getting fight choreography and being able to do my own stunts so I’m always actually acting them to give me more. That stuff makes me happy.

That actually leads into a fun little question I had for you. What is more physically demanding – some of Kenzi’s footwear, or some of they Fey fighting you’ve been doing this year?

Well, I would have to say fighting Fey in Kenzi’s footwear.

I don’t know how you do it.

It’s not easy, the things I’ve had to do on 5 inch stilettos has been pretty crazy. I would probably say that for sure at least two people a day on set go, ‘Ksenia, how are you running through the woods, how are you running through the mud, how are you doing any of what you’re doing. How are you jumping and this and that in those crazy heels.” For me, I’m just used to it and I feel comfortable in stilettos for some bizarre reason.

I think that is so cool – you can be pretty and tough at the same time. So, in Season 2, we’ve seen something come through a lot more, that Kenzi has become Bo’s little sister, and a couple of episodes ago, we saw Kenzi choose Bo over love. Do you think it’ll be possible for Kenzi at all, at some point, to have a significant other in her life without completely walking away from the world of the Fae?

Yes, I believe it’s possible. In the last two seasons, is hasn’t been possible because when Kenzi loves someone, she really needs to be honest with them, just like she always has been with Bo from the very beginning, because she loves her unconditionally. She couldn’t be honest with Nate because she would have jeopardized the entire Fae world, so it was a really difficult decision for her to make at this time to pick Bo and the Fae world over Nate. But I think in the future, if she’s able to share her secrets with someone, if her significant other can be a part of the Fae fighting team, then I think it would be possible and I hope that it will be.

I know last summer that we touched on this a bit at FanExpo, the Bo/Kenzi relationship and how it’s really special. Now that Lost Girl has started in the US and I’ve seen some of their reactions, a lot of people would argue it’s one the best female relationships on television, hands down, at the moment. How important is it for you to be a part of a positive relationship that’s portrayed on TV?

I think it’s a huge honour. I’ve always loved the “Girl Power” that Anna and I get to experience. We get to kick ass together, and I think it’s something that any girl can dream about, to be so empowered in the way that we are on the show. We enjoy acting together, we enjoy, wholeheartedly, these characters, and the fact that people are responding the way they are and the fact that fans understand this relationship and love it as much as we do, it makes it all the sweeter.

I’ve noticed that fans, including myself, seem to get a real kick out of the Kenzi/Hale pairing. Would you like to see the two of them team up more often because it always seems to be so magical when you work on something together.

Yeah, we have a lot of fun and I think Kenzi and Hale, they’re perfect partners in crime. Hale always has Kenzi’s back and I would love to see them go undercover together more, I would love to see them solve cases. It’s always fun for us to play so it’s cool again that people enjoy it as much as we do.

We still don’t know much about Kenzi’s background. Would you like to see her family explored more in future seasons?

I do, very much. Just as much as the fans don’t know about Kenzi’s past or who her family is, neither do I, so I would love for Lost Girl to explore that more and. So far, we’ve only met one of Kenzi’s crazy aunts, and of course, there’s the ever mysterious Dima that Kenzi’s always on the phone with, and he’s a very connected young man and Kenzi manages to boss him around quite a bit. Those are really the only two people we’ve had access to, but I would love to learn more about Kenzi’s mother and father, her ties to the Russian mob. I think those should really be explored and maybe it could be like The Godfather, only the Russian version.

That sounds like fun. I know one thing that I’d like to see is if perhaps Kenzi isn’t the first person in her family to have connections to the Fae.

Hmmm … I like that. I like that a lot.

Let’s step back in time a bit, to the first season, or perhaps between Seasons 1 and 2. When did it first become clear to you that Lost Girl had become a hit?

I think it hit me the most when I started to receive fan mail from all over the world. It was really kind of an eye opener to get letters from Italy and Germany and England and Australia which seems like 50 million light years away from where we are, and now from the US, it’s been such a wonderful outpouring from so many different places. I think that also when we were at FanExpo, just seeing all of those amazing fans and that they stood in line for so many hours just to talk to us or get an autograph, and for me especially, when I saw girls dressed up as Kenzi, that was a sign of “Wow, people really love these characters,” and it was cool to be able to talk to all of these girls that were dressed up like Kenzi.

I’d have to say that Kenzi is just a little bit of a pop culture phenomenon …


It seems like every day, I hear about another Tumblr blog or something online that’s dedicated to “Kenzi-isms”. You even have a word – “Kenzi-ism”.

Cool! I don’t really realize these things until people say them, like how you just said it. That is very cool, and it’s very humbling. I love her so much and I love playing her so the fact that people love her, too is really great.

I think it’s always a sign that you’re doing something good when you get those kinds of acknowledgements, which brings me to something that I found kind of surprising, and that I’m sure you were surprised by – getting nominated for a Gemini Award when typically, roles on shows like this go ignored. And not only did you get nominated, you won it. What was that whole experience like for you?

I agree with you that sci-fi shows don’t get recognized as much as they should, so it was definitely a shocking experience. You know, this is my third Gemini win, and I can honestly say that from the very first one, it has been completely unexpected every time. Every time, I’m just like a deer in headlights because to get nominated is such an honour, but then to actually hear your name, every time I’ve had to go up on stage I’m at a loss for words because it’s so completely unexpected, and especially for Lost Girl because like I said, these shows don’t get as much recognition as they should sometimes, so it was great. I don’t have enough words to describe how special it was. It was a huge honour, and the fact that Kenzi is considered the comedic relief of the show, I guess I didn’t expect it.

I know that I cheered a lot, and that fans of sci-fi and fantasy series really put that down as a mark in our favour, that people should get past the genre and see that there are some really fantastic performances out there.

I agree with you. And I am such a fan of all the actors on our show, so I’m just glad that we’re getting recognized more and more for the acting versus just being a sci-fi show, because it really is all about the relationships and the core of every sci-fi show, and really every show, is great acting.

We’ve come across some really strange and fascinating characters over the course of two seasons. Is there a particular Fae creature that we’ve met so far that you find the most fascinating, or the most frightening?

I’d have to say my bestie, the Succubus. I think it’s pretty radical that a woman who has broken bones can completely be healed during sex. She doesn’t need any antibiotics, no body cast, nothing that the general public would need, she just makes out, has sex, and is good to go, like brand new. I really love Trick’s power. I think it’s really fascinating that he can change the course of destiny with his blood. I think that makes him more powerful than a lot of other Fae. And my favourite is always Vex, because the fact that he can control anyone, including our almighty Succubs, and including myself, a human, he can really control anyone into doing whatever he wants so you really never want to mess with him. I think there are so many cool creatures, and I think Kenzi is definitely fascinated by them all and I think she’s their biggest fan no matter how scared she is of these creatures that she has to face. She’s always in absolute awe of them.

Now, I was wondering, if in a very vague sense, if you could kind of tease what’s in store for the last couple of episodes this season. I’ve heard they are going to be beyond epic.

Beyond epic (laughs). What can I say without giving anything away. I would say that we all have to come together to fight the Garruda, but coming together may not be as easy as people would think. I would say there are a lot of surprises in store with Bo’s power, and there are a lot of surprises in store with Kenzi, who gets into a very dangerous situation and something very unexpected happens.

So, Season Three gets underway for you shortly?

We do, I believe it’s April 11th we head back to set and start Season 3.

That is so exciting. I can’t wait to see where things go next season. And I’m really excited for the Pre-Show taping.

Me too. That’ll be really great to meet our fans. Also, Anna and I are doing the Global Morning Show on April 30th, so we’ll have some fun girl time there, too. so I’m excited for that as well.

I’ll have to make sure that the fans all wake up early and tune in for that one.

Yeah, maybe we’ll get everyone up at 7 in the morning. It might be a little difficult. I know me and Anna are prepping ourselves to be looking good and charming that early in the morning. It might be a little challenging.

I’m also doing something really exciting – the cover of this pop culture magazine called Ouch and I’ll be in NY on the 27th doing that.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for that!

Only 2 episodes remain this season, Faenatics! Be sure to check back this week for more treats as we count down to the Season 2 Finale!

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