Lost Girl’s Ksenia Solo Cast in Locke & Key Pilot

If there’s one girl who seems to be popping up everywhere over the past year, it’s Ksenia Solo, in roles on TV series like Life Unexpected and Lost Girl, as well as in the acclaimed film Black Swan. And it looks like she may have another credit to add to her resume very soon.

Our friends over at Nice Girls TV were first to report that just a day after her guest appearance on The CW’s Nikita, Solo has been cast in the FOX pilot Locke & Key. It’s not clear yet if it will be a regular or recurring role on the series.

As a fan of Lost Girl, I’m a bit worried. She’s fantastic on that series as Kenzi, and I really couldn’t imagine it without her. But I am excited about Locke & Key. The comic series is great, and I hope they can capture its essence on television. I’m also curious to know what role they have Solo lined up for. I have to admit though, if a choice had to be made, I’d rather see her continue on Lost Girl, especially given the track record of most genre series on FOX.

What are your thoughts on this casting news?

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