Intruders: And Here…You Must Listen

We step up the drama in the second episode of Intruders as Jack frantically searches for Amy and Maddie/Marcus makes her way to Portland while sorting through her memory recovery. Shepherd, meanwhile, sorts things out with a gun.

So Jack goes into Seattle looking for Amy at work, where everybody is hella weird and her boss, Cedar Cove‘s Andrew Airlie, offers no real assistance. Jack meets up with the cab driver who found Amy’s phone and together they get the snot knocked out of them when they get too close to the truth (whatever that is).

Then Jack’s phone rings and it’s his neighbor, who’s been calling repeatedly because Jack borrowed his car several days prior. Jack finally answers and starts to come clean that he’s in Seattle because Amy is missing and then the line clicks and Amy comes on and says she’s home, and asks where he is.

Shepherd goes back to Maddie’s house when her mother finds her missing and summons the police. He presents himself to her and her estranged husband as an FBI agent but it’s clear pretty quickly that he’s not FBI as he asks inappropriate questions. When he reveals that mom has been having an affair, and her husband’s suspicions were right, they take off out of the house to argue, and he goes upstairs to search Maddie’s room. He finds a note in her journal that leads him to town and a halfway house for the folks who are transitioning. Once there, he shoots his way inside, is chastised for jumping consciousness into a child who can’t possibly understand what it means/how to handle it, and then kills the woman who runs the place.

Maddie tries to get on a train with the ticket that’s been left for her inside her “manual” from the woman at the house, and she shifts in and out of Marcus’s consciousness. As Marcus, she tries to force her way onto a train and is rejected for not traveling with an adult. Then she tries to sway another passenger to walk her through and is turned down. She spots Shepherd and runs outside and then meets up with a woman loading a truck and pays her for a ride. The woman accepts but is appropriately leery about what she agreed to. We get intermittent voiceovers about beating death as Maddie begins to read the book.

And that sets us up for the next episode. I’m still only vaguely clear on what is going on. I think (hope) there will be some sort of grand aha moment by episode four. For now, it’s a lot of build up. I’m ready for the payoff, or a tease of the payoff. It’s weird to see James Frain be so lethal. I’m sure he’s having a ball, regardless. I’m assuming Mira Sorvino will be in the rest of the episodes; we do not see her at all in this one.

Here’s a sneak peek of next week’s episode. You can catch the first two episodes now on YouTube. Intruders airs at 10 pm E/9 C on Saturdays on BBC America in the US and 10 pm E/7 P on Space in Canada.

Photo courtesy of Cate Cameron/BBC America.

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