A New Season of The League Begins Tonight!

I am elated that tonight is the Season 6 premiere of one of the best comedies on television, The League. It’s one of those shows that kind of defies TV logic and gets funnier each season. It also has one of the finest, most brilliant casts on the small screen. To get you in shape for tonight’s fun, here are some highlights from their TCA 2014 panel this past July. If you are already a fan, there are some great teases on what’s in store. If you haven’t discovered The League yet, perhaps this will pique your interest.

  • In trying to keep current, Co-executive Producer Jeff Schaffer says that they start shooting the new season later in the year so that they can remain as current as possible what’s going on in the NFL, both regarding the players and the news coming out of the NFL. This season, there will be a storyline related to HGH (human growth hormone) that’s going to hit close to home with Ruxin. The drafting of openly gay player Michael Sam will also be addressed in an episode that introduces a new member of the league that has some “sexual variance.”
  • Apparently, The League’s Facebook page and Twitter account have become like an online dating site for people trying to find like-minded individuals to form leagues with. People are creating leagues made up of fans of The League and it’s been an amazing thing to watch happen. Nick Kroll shared that these fan-created leagues give their teams names from the show, and incorporate other aspects of the show like catchphrases and characters.
  • According to Jeff, the reason the show is still around is word of mouth. People watch The League and then tell their friends about it. Co-executive producer Jackie Marcus Schaffer added that over time, people realize that the show is not just for football / fantasy football fans, and that the cast is amazing. Also, their female audience has grown now that fantasy football has become more popular among women. Jeff mentioned that when it comes right down to it, the stories they are telling are just straight up comedic stories like what you’d see on Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • When asked about how long the series could potentially last, Katie Aselton said that the characters, their families, their marriages, and the changes they go through are complicated enough that the series could keep going without recycling the same stories. There’s a lot to be done with the kids as well. Ruxin will continue to corrupt Baby Geoffrey. Ellie and Chalupa Batman don’t stand a chance with parents like Kevin and Jenny.
  • I asked them if any more outrageous holiday episodes are in store (which rank among some of my all-time faves), and Jackie said that between Sukkot and Krampus, there are always holidays that no one appreciates that they can “shove down people’s throats.” Paul Scheer added that his favourite part of the holiday episodes is getting winter jackets on in August in the middle of the Valley and spraying fake snow on people’s lawns, and just baking underneath since the temperature is usually in the 100s.
  • They’ve had some great guest stars from the NFL, and Jon Lajoie mentioned that J. J. Watt is really funny and has solid improv skills. He was in the Season 5 premiere, and returns as a guest in the Season 6 premiere.

Catch the Season 6 premiere of The League tonight at 10pm on FXX in The US and Canada!

Photo Courtesy of FXX

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