A Chat with The League’s Katie Aselton and Stephen Rannazzisi

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The League … in particular, I adore on-screen couple Jenny and Kevin MacArthur! I was so lucky to chat with Katie Aselton and Stephen Rannazzisi at this summer’s TCA press tour in Beverly Hills. Actually, I *may* have fangirled over both of them pre-interview. Things are going to be interesting in the MacArthur household during Season 6, especially since Jenny took the Shiva at the end of last season, and Kevin won the Sacko! Check out our conversation below before tonight’s season premiere.

Where do things pick up when the new season begins?

Katie: Jenny won the Shiva, Kevin has the Sacko, and go, we’re about to draft. Then you realize that it’s taking quite a toll on [Jenny’s] marriage and her husband. You sort of get a sense of what the past year was, and that Jenny has really put Kevin through the ringer and their marriage is not necessarily at its greatest or strongest point.

So there will be some trouble in paradise?

Katie: It’s tricky. Jenny has the Shiva and it gives her a ton of control, and she’s in control of the draft.

With Jenny at the top of the league and Kevin at the bottom, does this spell out trouble for their marriage?

Stephen: It’s going to be bad. Going to be a long, long year. Not only is Kevin the Sacko and relegated to this humility, but living with the winner and having that dynamic just makes things almost intolerable for Kevin this year from what I’ve read so far and what we’ve shot. It’s going to be a very long football season and league. Hopefully he can turn it around and maybe win this year and gain some of that respect back, but it may not be in the cards. It’s going to be tough.

Kevin already has some confidence issues, so this must be a difficult time for him.

Stephen: This makes things harder.

But it must make it fun for you as an actor to play this storyline out.

Stephen: I’m excited that I do get to explore some issues like male testosterone levels being low and trying things that relate to that. So yes, there are a lot of insecurities that Kevin will be dealing with this season.

Is there anything you’d like to see for your character that we haven’t seen yet?

Katie: I want Jenny to get a girlfriend. I want a girl episode.

How much more do you think Kevin and Jenny’s kids can be messed up in the coming season?

Katie: If they were sent off to boarding school that would be totally fine.

I keep envisioning a parenting tips podcast or website.

Katie: Honestly if this was real life, it’s like call social services. We’re not good parents.

Stephen: Oh, you’d get a whole book on bad parenting.

How do the kids play into the story this season?

Stephen: There are parenting issues with Ellie, and Chalupa’s getting older now. They’re characters that we like to explore and play around with when we need to, but there are some episodes when we forget if Kevin and Jenny have kids. I think popping in and visiting that world is fun for a little bit, but you would never want to take our relationship and our parenting skills and into your own life. You’d get arrested.

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