A Chat with The League’s Jon Lajoie

I’ve been a fan of Jon Lajoie’s since I first saw his YouTube video for “Everyday Normal Guy” more than six years ago, and I have to admit that initially, I started watching The League because he was on it. (If you’ve never checked out his music on YouTube, I highly recommend checking his channel out!) I had the chance to chat with him briefly this past summer at the 2014 TCA press tour, and he teased a bit of what’s in store for Taco in Season 6!

Will there be any original Taco songs coming up this season?

Jon: No originals. I’m just doing Jewel covers this year. We were like, you know what, “Foolish Games” and all old Jewel, too. It’s weird.

(Paul Scheer interrupted at this point which couldn’t have been more awesome!)

Paul: I love that I walk by and you’re talking about Jewel.

It seems like a musician that Andre would love.

Jon: I know. (Sings a bit of “Foolish Games.”)

What is Taco up to when the new season begins?

Jon: Thus far, we’re two weeks in. Taco is expanding his business. He’s taking it from the startup in Uncle Frank’s van and expanding. He purchased a trailer, so things are moving. And there will probably be some music at some point that is not Jewel-related.

Will there be some more CFL references thrown in at some point?

Jon: Yeah, there has been already. I think I mention [Chad] Ochocinco on the Alouettes, which is awesome. There’s a joke there. I have a few ideas about CFL stuff. I’m really want to try and make Taco a CFL man. He doesn’t do NFL well.

That sounds like Taco to me. What else is in store for your character this season?

Jon: Taco is starting a charitable foundation this year. He’s moving into philanthropy which may be selfless, or may not be. He’s probably doing it for the wrong reasons. That’s his next move.

Watch the season premiere of The League tonight at 10pm on FXX in Canada and the US!

Photo Courtesy of FXX

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