Teen Wolf: Monstrous

The Scoobies got the equivalent of the post-Super Bowl slot with an episode that led straight into the VMAs last weekend, and it was a bit all over the map, perhaps in an attempt to hook new viewers. In short, they blew a lot of shit up and gave us maximum backstory.

Here’s what you need to know going into tonight:

After finding the source wolfsbane that’s being used on everybody, Papa Argent locks it up and then steps up, working with Derek, Braeden, Scott, and Kira to defend Satomi’s pack against a massive attack.

Scott gives Liam a pass on getting into the fray when he admits he’s terrified.

Stiles and Malia reconcile after Melissa locks them in a hospital room together, and then they go looking for clues at Lydia’s lake house.

Meredith is the Benefactor, sort of, but not really. Turns out she vacuumed up all of Peter’s subliminal rage when she was in the hospital bed next to him after the fire, and  the whole plan was his, but she did the execution of it. She and Lydia also take time out to bond over being banshees.

We find out, though, that Lydia’s grandma was still somehow instrumental to the whole thing when Stiles and Malia rip out a wall at her lake house and find an IBM-esque server farm behind the wall. They piece together with Lydia’s help that the wine spill she freaked out about back in “The Benefactor” was not wine at all, and in that bottle they find a key.

Stiles shuts the servers down, and over at the Argent warehouse, their attackers immediately back off as their phones read that their mission is terminated, so Stiles managed to shut down the dead pool.

Peter is allowed to walk out of the station even though the Sheriff would really like to shoot him, and then he meets up with Kate and they discuss some sort of nebulous plan, the net net of which is that Peter wants Scott dead.

I hope we get some sort of closure on all these threads, and I wonder what’s left for Meredith when it’s all wrapped up. She freaks out when Peter leaves because “it’s not done yet,” so that’s still hanging out there–whether that’s the plan to kill Scott or something else equally nefarious, we’ll see. I did like that Melissa did the oldest trick in the world to get Malia and Stiles back on the same page, and it worked, and that Malia didn’t hurt him when she’s fairly new to controlling her rage. It was also cool to see Papa Argent and Satomi acknowledge their history and then move on.

We have two episodes left this season, and still a ton to sort out, but in the middle of that it looks like tonight Scott and Kira take time for a proper date (because Beacon Hills is going to hell anyway). Here’s a sneak peek:

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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