Haven: Roots

Audrey happens into this week’s Trouble when she and Chris (on the way to their date) stop by the wedding of Peter Novelli and Moira Keegan to deliver the wedding license. Peter and Moira’s father Ben have an argument about Ben’s Aunt Beverly’s land, and then Audrey hears a struggle and finds that Ben has disappeared and was apparently dragged into the forest. She tries to call Nathan, but there’s no signal and the landline is down. They find Ben’s body, all ripped apart, and when Peter and Moira start arguing, plant tentacles come out of the woods and drag in the caterer.

The group takes refuge in the barn, but Chris warns Audrey that the plants have enough force to rip the building apart. The Keegans (Beverly and Moira) and Novellis (Peter and his older relative Dom) accuse each other of making the plants attack. Beverly tells Audrey that when they were in high school, Dom and her brothers had had a fight and he attacked them, causing her brother’s death. As she accuses Dom, tentacles come in to grab Audrey, but Duke sees in time and throws himself on top of her to save her. (Duke and Evi are there trying to get information about the box from Beverly, but she says it has no special powers.)

Audrey figures out that the plant attacks are triggered when a Keegan argues with a Novelli. It turns out that Dom and Beverly were going to elope, but her brothers interfered because they wanted to keep control of her money. The plants attacked the whole group because of the argument. Audrey convinces Dom and Beverly to reconcile, and the love counteracts the previous hate so that the plants part and let them out. The Teagues eventually figure out that the Novelli family had the plant-attack trouble, but then it was passed to a set of twins, one of whom married a Keegan. That means that now one member of each family needs to be arguing in order to trigger the Trouble.

Back at the station, Nathan is convinced that Audrey isn’t actually dating, and the Teagues try to convince him otherwise. When their van dies on the way to the wedding site, they call Nathan on the police radio (hilariously calling him “Baby Bear”) and he heads out to help them. Once he’s in the van with them, the tentacles come out of the woods and trap them, and the Teagues take the opportunity to interrogate him:

Vince: “You really don’t mind that Audrey went to this thing with Chris?”
Nathan: “Not really any of my business.”
Vince: “It just seems like maybe there’s something between you two.”
Nathan: “That’s not really any of your business.”
Vince: “Haven’s full of secrets, son, but that’s not one of them.”

Ha! That’s probably my favorite line of the week. The Teagues goad Nathan into worrying about Audrey, and he fights his way through the plants to get to her. Aww. Unfortunately, he arrives just as Beverly and Dom are about to part the plants, so he doesn’t get to save the day after all. He’s also just in time to see Audrey take Chris’s hand, and poor Nathan is very, very sad. Back at the station, the Teagues are clearly worried, and Dave advises: “About Audrey? Don’t wait too long.” After they leave, Nathan looks at the Colorado Kid picture, picks up the phone as though to call her, and then puts it down.

Meanwhile, Chris and Audrey have a redo of their date in Audrey’s apartment, and Chris tells her that her immunity to him isn’t actually why he asked her out – it’s because she’s amazing. “You can make a cyncial jackass like me believe that there are people in this world worth knowing. Well, one, anyway.” They kiss and start undressing each other, and as they fall into bed … Nathan finally calls. Of course. Audrey doesn’t hear the phone, but we see his name show up on the Caller ID. Poor Nathan. I will selflessly volunteer to go comfort him. Ahem. Sorry. Moving on!

Evi has noticed that Duke has changed – he’s helping other people! Taking one for the team – and swears that she can change too. She wants to give up her life of crime and move to Mexico with Duke, but Duke says it’s not that simple:

Duke: “I can’t leave. You don’t understand. It’s not about you.”
Evi: “No, I understand just fine. It’s the blond cop.”
Duke: “It’s not about Audrey.”
Evi: “Please don’t con me.”
Duke: “It’s not her.”
Evi: “I’ve seen the way you look at her.”
Duke: “It’s NOT. HER.”

Duke eventually confesses that his dad made him promise he’d come back to Haven if the Troubles returned, but died before he could tell him why. Intriguing! And even more intrigue: As soon as Duke leaves the room, Evi pulls out her phone and calls an unidentified man. “Yeah, it’s me. His dad never told him.” The man replies “Then we have to keep pushing him.” Ooh! I’ve suspected all along that there’s more to Evi than what we knew. Who do you think she called? What’s she up to?

The next episode seems to have something to do with Nathan and Duke almost dying because Chris convinced Audrey to take a day off, so, you know, subtle! Also: brace yourself. Don’t hurt our boys, show!

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