Covert Affairs Star Piper Perabo at FanExpo 2013!

My love for Covert Affairs has only increased since it first debuted in 2010. What started as a fun, female-centric CIA assignment-of-the-week-type series has evolved into a darker, edgy drama, and Season 4 continues in this vein. Episode 407 aired last night on USA Network, but the season is just getting started here in Canada!

To get Canadian viewers hyped up for another exciting season, Showcase brought the cast of Covert Affairs to FanExpo in Toronto this past weekend, and we were super lucky to chat with both Piper Perabo and Peter Gallagher. This clip features Piper Perabo, otherwise known as my favourite CIA agent, Annie Walker! Here are a few highlights from the conversation before jumping into the video below:

– Piper says that she hasn’t been able to use any of her fight training in real life, but the driving skills have come in handy.
– The weird part of the Annie / Auggie relationship has been the crew’s reaction. In the past, her love interests just came in for a short period of time, and the guys on the crew would always give them a hard time. Now that it’s Chris, the crew is almost a bit embarrassed!
– She’s glad that Annie has evolved since we first met her, going from the “green” rookie to the position she’s in now where she’s making decisions and calling the shots.
– She talked a bit of the Annie / Henry Wilcox relationship and said she was hoping Gregory Itzin would have been able to join them at FanExpo, but he was filming (slightly spoiler-ish info on that if you watch the video).
– Piper knows where she’s going to be geographically at the end of this season, and who she’s going to be with. She also knows who is going to be missing!

Catch the Season 4 premiere, “Vamos,” tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Showcase.

And if you want more from Covert Affairs at FanExpo, we’ll have our chat with Peter Gallagher up for you soon!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2013

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