Sons of Anarchy S6 Countdown: Maggie Siff

The Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere is less than two weeks away so it’s the perfect time to share our press room coverage from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!

The first star to take the spotlight is Maggie Siff. At the end of Season 5, Tara was being taken away in cuffs, leaving her children – and her husband – vulnerable to a number of threats, one of which just happens to be her mother-in-law and matriarch of SAMCRO, Gemma.

You can watch the full video below, but here are some highlights:

– Maggie has wanted to cut her hair for a while now. When she learned that her character was heading behind bars, she got Kurt Sutter’s blessing to go with a much shorter look.

– Now that Tara is going to be out of the picture, even if it ends up being temporary, we can be sure that Gemma is going to try and take over that spot by Jax’s side. It goes without saying that one of the biggest threats is Gemma’s influence on Tara’s children, as Tara still hopes there’s another future in store for her boys that doesn’t involve SAMCRO.

– One of the things that Maggie loves about Tara is that when faced with challenges, she refocuses rather than falls apart.

– Tara may start the season in prison, but the rest of it will focus on her trying to figure a way out of the SAMCRO world.

– When asked if she thinks Tara regrets the path she’s chosen, Maggie observed that things happen so quickly in a chronological sense that they don’t have time for regret.

Sons of Anarchy returns on Tuesday, September 10 at 10pm ET/PT on FX in the US and on Super Channel in Canada.

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2013

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